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slow shutdown

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I have googled the problem and tried the suggestions found. Problem is it still takes approximately 3 minutes for the little window with shutdown choices to pop up. Not terribly long, just long enough to wake me back up while waiting to shut down to go to bed. A little aggravating. I am running windows xp. I am also loaded with pictures at the moment that I haven't moved to disks yet. Could that slow it down?

ETA: It runs fine otherwise, quick and responsive.
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OK, you asked for it. Here is the list. I looked a while ago and found it is written in clingon or something other than english. There is a bunch of it, too.
Google Updater
HP Digital Imaging
HP Inage Zone Fastload
Kodak easyShare software
Microsoft Office

That is all of it. I do see a couple I recognize, but the majority is a big WHAT?
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here is one of the suggestions. I have no option of clear page file at shutdown so this one was a no go. Found at this website:

Some points to improve the shutdown times

Start Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:

[HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management]

Set ClearPageFileAtShutdown value to 0

Or, using Group Policy Editor [for Windows XP Professional]

Click Start, Run and type Secpol.msc
Click Local Policies | Security Options
In the right-pane, set Shutdown: Clear virtual memory pagefile to Disabled

However, this setting is not the only cause for slow shutdowns. Non-responsive programs and Services also contribute to slow shutdowns. If the problem is seen recently after installing a third-party driver or software, try a System Restore rollback to see if that resolves the slow shutdown problem.

The other suggestions on this page were for problems I am not having.

And at this site:

Probably the second most common shut down problem for Windows XP is that the shut down takes an excessive amount of time to complete. To understand why this happens, you must remember that the Windows operating system is not a single program, but rather a collection of individual services. Each of these services must be stopped during shut down. Therefore, a glitch related to any one of the services may prolong the shut down process or cause the shut down process to fail completely.

Many people have claimed that the Nvidia Driver Helper Service (used with Nvidia video cards) causes extremely slow shut downs. However, this is one of those cases in which an updated video driver usually solves the problem. Other people have mentioned that disabling the terminal services greatly expedites the shut down process. The Terminal Services are used for remote assistance, remote desktop, and fast user switching. If you do not use any of these features, then the Terminal Services can be safely disabled. You can access the services console by entering the SERVICES.MSC command at the Run prompt.

Another potential cause of slow system shut downs is that Windows contains an option to erase the system’s virtual memory and system hibernation cache at shut down. These security features are disabled by default because they take a long time to complete, and cause the system shutdown to look like it has frozen. Although these features are disabled by default, some privacy software will enable it.

To determine whether or not these features are enabled on your PC, enter the GPEDIT.MSC command at the Run prompt to load the Group Policy Editor. Now, navigate through the console tree to Computer Configuration | Windows Settings | Security Settings | Local Policies | Security Options. At this point, locate the Shutdown: Clear Virtual Memory Pagefile option in the column to the right and verify that it is disabled, as shown in Figure C. If this option is enabled, you can disable it by double clicking on the setting and choosing the Disabled option.

For all the info - click the link. It will take up too much space here.

I just googled slow shutdown and got a bunch of possibilities but most list problems I am not having like lingering on closing a particular program or error messages of some sort.
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I cleared out all the stuff that you said to clear out, and even removed some programs that I never use. Defrag often and use Avast, not Norton anymore because it was slowing down the computer too much. I have the tasks set to do all the maintenance during the day while I am away and leave the computer on, so I know all the maintenance gets done regular. I do have some things that I clicked to turn off and when all was done they were still working on their own. A complete virus scan says that there are almost 400 files that are password protected and can't be scanned and a few others that are corrupted and can't be scanned. It is shutting down like it should right now, but I think I need to see about those corrupted files and get rid of or fix them. Wish I could remember what they are so I could list them. I know one was a music match player. Beyond that--it's gone right out of my head right now for some reason. Thanks for the help so far. I know I will be back. Hope it is later than sooner!

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Gary in ohio said:
You might also check out for help on shutdowns. Also why not just shutdown and walk away who cares how long it takes, machine should turn itself off, monitor can be turned off before the machine is down.
Because I am waiting for the little window of choices of what I want to do. Shutdown, standby, hibernate, etc. When I walk away before that, it just goes away and the computer stays on. I know I can walk away after I make that

ETA:Thanks for the link, I'll see if it is something I can use.
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