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Slipform Stone walls

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We are working on the plans for building our house next spring. We want to do the slipform stone wall method with insulation board sandwiched in since we have rocks and time. I searched on here and found people that have built outbuildings or greenhouses, but not an actual house. I'd love to hear about the length of time it took and any problems you had.

Yes, I know it is going to take a long time, maybe 2-3 months or more just to get the walls up and I don't want to hear that poured concrete walls are so much faster. I also don't want to do stack block because I can only comfortably pick up 50 lbs, plus I don't want to use all that concrete.

We've seen the videos, read the books, but don't know anyone personally that has done it. If the code inspector allows it, this is the method we want to use.

I think we are going to have about 7 months of weather that will permit building. It's a simple rectangle house about 1,400 sq feet. In addition, there are 3 small interior walls that might be built the same way to function as sheer walls along the bermed North wall, but without the insulation sandwiched in.

I'm guessing 3 months for the walls with two of us working on it and friends coming to help when they can? I'd like to say 6 weeks, but I know weather and problems happen. Other people take years to finish their homes, but both of us will be able to work on the building full time. Do you think in 7 months we'd be able to get the foundation, walls, roof and floors done (floors are earthen and I'd rather not do in the winter)? Then we'd have the winter if we needed to finish the interior.

Also, I can't find any natural building forums that aren't cob related. Know of any?

oh, has anyone done a slip form stone wall and then bermed up to it with earth?

update: we have also considered doing the insulation to the outside, slipform stone wall to the inside. Then finish the outside with board and batten since we have a guy right behind us with a saw mill that could cut the wood.
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