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Back of an axe is traditional. I'd say a good heavy single-sledge (that's one-handed) would be safer, but if you hit the hog lengthways (length of the back of the axe going up-and-down between the eyes) that animal ain't going anywhere's in a hurry. Tie the hog in a race so it can't move its head up and down or to-and-fro or forward and back, then HIT IT HARD, FAIR BETWEEN THE EYES. You can do this either from in front, or standing over the animal. It will go down, then cut the throat and bleed it out.

That said, I'd still prefer a bullet - easier to hit exactly right, hard. Easier to repeat if necessary. I'd also prefer it because it doesn't make you dependent on cutting the throat to kill the animal. I prefer that because it gives you the ability to be picky about what you cut. It's better if you can avoid cutting the oesophagus, as that increases the risk of having stomach contents run back onto the carcase while slaughtering.

Please understand I'm not recommending this - the axe edge makes me nervous - too many possibilities for severe accident. However, it does work - it has worked a lot - and a lot of people who haven't had anything better have decided it's the best thing they had. Me, I'd find something better.
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