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Help! We have a log cabin that was built in 1939 and have recently been invaded by skunks. Evidently they have a den under the front porch of the cabin and either fight, mate, or just decide to test their spray every night. It has made the inside of the cabin almost unbearable and put that horrible odor in most of our clothes. Can anyone help me with ideas of how to get these critters out of there and how to get rid of the smell. I am not usually like this, but I wouldn't care a bit to use lethal force to remove them. So long as it doesn't cause them to spray more.
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towards the top right of the page is a "search" button, between "f.a.q." and "home" buttons. Click it, enter "skunk" as the search phrase, then touch the "enter" key.

This is a common question, there are many answers to it, some very recent.

In general, it's best to look this way to see if there any answers already given, before asking a question.
Wait till they are all 'home', block off entry, hook up pipe/flex hose to tailpipe of internal combustion engine, start engine and let run 15-20 minutes-humane and they won't release scent, remove carcass, deposit in compost pile after skinning( they make great hats ).

Uhhh, Mousecat, don't you think some caution should be advised here? How permeable is the floor in that old cabin? Clean everyone out of the house before you try anything like this. The same goes for using moth balls. I am told they work great(I prefer the live trap myself)but they are toxic to people too so use with caution and think ahead. You will find lots of info on the search jwsinpk..good luck with your problem. ;) LQ
I'd stick a garden hose as far under the porch as possible and flood the ground under there. They will leave if it gets very wet where they are staying.
I like the garden hose idea but I have used ammonia in a spray to get skunks out from under an outside refrigerator. They left in a hurry. To get skunk smells out of fabrics, put lemon extract in with soap when doing laundry. Lemon extract will get the smell out and leave a clean smell, not a lemony one. If you get the skunks out, be sure and close up their entrance or they will be back.
Get/borrow a dog that is not fazed by skunk spray ( you could borrow our German Shepard, he's been sprayed four times in the past month aready, but he thinks it is his job to keep the varmints OUT of the yard!!!) and that should solve your investation problem. Dog doesn't kill the skunks, but drives and keeps them away.

As for the smell, anything that is water safe is deodorized by a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, with a drop of liquid dish soap to act as wetting agent. 1/4 cup per 16 ounces of peroxide is the ratio used, works on clothing, skin, fur and water safe sufaces, let sit a few minutes and rinse thoroughly.
They said 'porch'. Make sure and get everyone outside and gather round and listen for skunks snoring. ;)

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