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skinny bottle calves

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Hi I'm kinda worried about my bottle calves they seem pretty skinny and i was wondering if it's normal for them to look like this, they get 4qts of milk a day and they've started eating calf food
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I feed 3 pints per feeding. Once they are around 30 days old I boost the amount to 4 pints per feeding. Everyone has their own feeding routine, that's just mine. If your calves are dropping solid manure than your routine works for you....Hug your calves and try not to worry so much....Topside
A lot of folks follow the instructions on the milk replacer bag. All calves aren't the same. I, like you, have never started out a brand new calf with the full recommended ration. And you cannot go with any feedback from how much they want, as you know.

To @caroline rayburn , those calves look just fine. And if you already have them consistently eating starter feed, they may never need the whole 4 qt. ration. More experienced folks around me will have a one 50 lb. milk replacer ration per calf until weaning. I have never managed that. But, if they are eating high-protein/high-energy starter already, you are ahead of my typical progress.
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