Skinning technique

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    A frontend loader is not essential. A boat winch or a pickup or four wheeler can be used. Start by cutting the underside of the neck from breast bone to head then cut the skin around the neck. Capture the golfball in the cape and and start the pull. The pictures will be describe the technique than I can.
  2. I saw one in a hunting video where they use two vehicles to skin the deer. Tied the deer neck to one vehicle and the skin to the other vehicle and then peeled out in the second vehicle. Skint the deer out in about 1 second.

    Be my luck my deer would tear into two peices! :shrug:

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    Leave the ears attached to the hide and you dont need the golf ball. If you use a vehicle you need at least 2 people so one can trim any places that dont want to peel oof
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    It depends on what your skinning for.. If you want the cape.... You can hang the deer by the back legs, the hide pretty much peels off with just a little help from your knife. When you get to front legs cut around the knee, and slice up the back of each leg, cut off the legs, finishing pulling the entire skin down over the head though by this time the weight alone will do most the work. Cut the head off a little below the ears and your done. Youll end up with a big tube with a deer head attached...
    If you know how to cape one out, then go ahead and skin the head..
    It doesnt take very long at all.
    If your just skinning to get the skin off and dont care about the hide, heck use a truck LOL Or a quad...

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    This proves you learn something everyday, thanks AGMANTOO