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skinning a skunk

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I'm just curious, does anybody out there know how to skin a skunk- without getting "skunked"? Any advice would be apprciated
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well, the scent glands are under the tail .near the anus
i assume youre planning on using the hide, and thats why you want to clean it
first of all , find good solid rubber gloves, and then the blue safety gloves over them
skunks are known for rabies
take your knife and cut around the front paws, then remove the head using your knife, slip the hide off backwards, like a sock , it will be inside out, the anus will hang up on the hide, then when you get it pulled back you can cut around the anus, and pull it down the tail .

turn it right side out, and you will have a skunk skin sock
ok another thought was, before starting skinning, you can dip the skunk in to a deoderizing bath ...
i have heard from taxidermists, that you can dip the skunk in gasoline ... but then you have gas and skunk , since it really doesnt deoderize ...
skunk bath for animals might work ,
thats 1 cup peroxide
3 drops dish soap
1/2 c water and
1/4 c baking soda
wash your stinky friend with that, before skinning, still if you pop the scent glands youll be sorry !
""Hang the skunk by the hind leg and open the pelt by slitting from one hind foot pad in a straight line past the anus to the other foot pad. carefull skinning around the anus to prevent cutting it open will release the scent. Leaving a small patch of fur around the anus helps prevent cutting the scent gland ducts.
Split the tail open on the under side and remove the tail bone.""
from another website ...
personally i have never wanted to tan one , so never have tried
soak the fur in vinegar would stop the smell some too ....
but the hide will always retain some "eau de skunk"
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haha !
no the "sock" would be the whole hide ! silly !
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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