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Well, I guess I'll finally jump in, too. I'm 53, female, divorced for several years after being married for 24 years. I have no two-legged dependents (of any age :haha: ). Grew up in Maryland, lived in Pennsylvania for quite a few years before moving out west, where I feel I finally belong. Glad to still be single, too.

After a brief, difficult stint in Wyoming where I couldn't find work, I moved up to the Billings, Montana area. It took over 2 more years to get back out of the city and into financial stability again. I've been renting a small ranch since the beginning of '04, but now I am in the process of buying my own little place in the same valley.

Currently, I'm raising chickens for eggs to sell (I do pretty well selling them at work) and am planning a market garden for this coming summer. I also have a flock of geese. Why, I really don't know. :confused: ... I might like to get a couple of dairy goats eventually. I've been veggie gardening most of my adult life.

I'm a paid computer geek for a non-profit organization just outside of Billings. Great job: I can't believe they pay me for this stuff! I'll have to keep working full-time until retirement. I sure am hoping that my market garden will be providing some decent income by then.

The things I love the most: Jesus!, country air; country quiet (OK, so it's not too quiet during hunting season, but oh well); getting up into the mountains; open, friendly, honest people; folks who have great rapport with animals; not having a significant other to pick up after ...

Things that just turn me off: Arrogant or narrow-minded people. Also, those who have no regard for others.

I guess I don't sound too exciting, but I am a friendly sort. So if anyone just needs someone to talk to, I'm more than happy to listen...

-Barb in Montana
1 - 1 of 563 Posts
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