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A little about me...
I'm a 46yr old SWM. 6' 200lb. Bald and usually bearded. Think John Muir. Healthy, been to the hospital once since highschool, for knee surgery. I'm a Christian, not attending services, unless you count walking outside into the good Lord's wooded cathedral every morning. Live on my own spread in the east Texas area (one mile of county road, then a mile of personal dirt/gravel road, end of the road...) I don't smoke or chew, drink rarely, don't do drugs. I've been homesteading off and on since 87. Built my own home from scratch. In the process, learned all the trades...carpentry, plumbing, electrical, masonry, anything to do with homes. I won't pay someone to do something that I can learn and do myself. Think McGuyver. Previous cash cow was working summer seasons in National Parks in Alaska as a backcountry ranger (paid to go hike). Current cash cow is remodeling and building...Being very frugal and debt free allows me time to work for myself. I guess I'm a moderate, as I have some strong opinions on the environment, otherwise I'd be just conservative???

Hobbies? Is it a hobby if it's part of your life? I have several gardens each year. 60-200 chickens at any one time. An orchard of pear, peach, plum, apricot, and tons of fig, and a pecan orchard. Small lake for water supply, fish, boating. Working on the barn. Salvage logging for lumber for larger home. And of course being a batchelor, if I want "traditional" female things done, I have to do it myself...sewing, canning, cleaning. Bibliophile (Everyroom in the house has books) Music: folk, bluegrass, vocal jazz, old c/w, asian, celtic, medieval, no rap or popular trash. Debt free, and hope to stay that way. Hike, climb, canoe, fish, hunt...I eat what I kill, doing all the processing.

I've spent months at a time without any outside entertainment in wilderness areas in AK, AZ, NM, and WY. My home was off the grid for 13 years. Designed/installed my own solar system. Free natural gas for hot water, gas lights, heat. Still have solar for backup.

Likes: wicked strong ice tea, singing while I'm working, going all day without something going wrong, a good movie, good health, and being debt free. Living out in the boonies.
Dislikes: children living in neglect, abusive people, the tax bill each year, blackeyed peas and brussel sprouts. Living in town.

I have everything I ever wanted except someone to share it all with. I'm still looking for a woman who'd like a small family. And of course be right at home out in the country. Right now my best friend is my house dog. I do love children. I keep thinking, what am I constantly improving and building more on this place for if I can't share it or pass it down. I've worked hard over the years to get this place, if it weren't for property taxes, I could live on it for nothing. Whoa...I could go on forever, please pm. Working on a website.
1 - 1 of 563 Posts
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