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Hi all,
I guess I better introduce myself. I've been hanging around on the site for about a month now but hadn't made it over to the Singletree till now. I live in Southern Missouri, but was born in Ohio. I am 23 and try to live a Christian lifestyle, and single. Have never been married. I am not dating or otherwise trying to find anyone, but wouldn't be at all adverse to the idea if the right gentleman came along(and I stress the "gentleman" part). ;) I love children and hope to have many someday. Am living at home right now on the farm, with my 8 siblings who are still at home. Youngest is 5 and one of the joys of my life.
My interests are farming and livestock mainly. Right now my Dad and I have a joint effort going into commercial dairy goats. We should be starting to milk 80-100 head of dairy goats in February. That means feeding 200+ goat kids by hand three or four times a day.....It should be hmmmm....interesting to say the least! We also have Jersey cows and drink the raw milk.
I have four dogs and several barn cats. Love the dogs, but prefer cats. I LOVE to read, and audio books are a great favorite of mine when I am working at a boring job(building fence, mucking out the barn, etc.). I am also a movie buff when I get the chance. I can't think of anything else at this time. Thats me!! :cowboy:

1 - 1 of 563 Posts
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