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I've posted on other forums here, but hadn't yet gotten around to doing the profile thing. Probably because I'm not really "looking", but one never knows.

I'm a 53-year-old recent widow. DH passed away last spring. I carry on here on our dream farm/homestead, because this was/is my dream, too.

I'm also retired Air Force, have lived in many places around the U.S. and overseas. Have two grown daughters and one granddaughter.

Having lived a full and interesting life, I find that my life is still full and interesting, although in different ways than in my younger years. I'm not afraid of being alone, and am never lonely. I truly enjoy my own company, and have little need for entertainment - other than the internet - LOL! I learned long ago that I am responsible for my own happiness. No one else can provide that for me.

That's not to say I would be unhappy in the company of others. I have friends and a social life, albeit a quiet one.

I don't much like yakking on the phone, nor do I watch TV. Don't even have TV service. It's much more entertaining to take a walk out back with the dogs. I read alot in the wintertime, and start feeling deprived if there aren't enough unread books around; am always looking forward to the next good read (NOT romance genre).

I've been known to use cuss words, and have probably invented a few of my own. DH and I have always worked hard together, and cussed together, too. I guess the family that works together & cusses together stays together, and we did. 'til death do us part.

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1 - 2 of 563 Posts
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