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I am new to this group,
gender: male
age: 56
location: outside any city limits, Ohio, northeast part of central Ohio, in the area known as 'the Amish country.'
divorced for 9 years;
3 grown sons who all live in New Hampshire;
I have 40 acres (half wooded, and half fields), a couple small ponds, a small stream, a very old house which still needs to be finished restoring;
I have French and American Alpine dairy goats, Holland Lop rabbits, and one Akita who watches over everything. I have been using goat's milk to raise calves.....and the calves are headed toward the freezer.
occupation: had been in Respiratory Therapy and hospital management. Two years ago, I lost my right leg....I still can't find it anywhere. Initially, I went back to work full time, but due to some complications, I had to go on disability this spring. I am looking at ways that I could make some additional income from my prorperty.
garden: did not have one this year...maybe next year;
dating: had dated one wondertful lady, who could never seem to convince me that I would like to move to the city; recently dated another woderful lady, who had to move to another part of the country.....our status????......
I have been very fortunate to have been invovled with these particular people.
I never went out "looking" for someone. I simply persued my interests, and those paths crossed.
Interests, besides the goats and rabbits and gardening:
church.....I guess that I am a little unusual, because I don't care for the dogmatic dictators,
I used to help facilitate a "divorce recovery group." That group is now defunct, but a few of us are looking into starting another one because the other one benefited so many people.
Reading: leadership issues, the dynamics of relationships, self-improvement, anything by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, Warren Bennis, Ken Blanchard. The last really good book I read was Seizing Your Divine Moment, by Erwin MacManus. I love watching football. I like watching basketball somewhat, but I really enjoy watching Lebron James. This kid has an amazing maturity for a high school grad. Contra dancing....I have not been able to actually dance since the amputation, but sometimes I go just to listen to the music, and hang out with friends for an evening. Occasional trips to zoos, museums, living history places......Sturbridge Village and Plimouth Plantation, both in Massachusetts are 2 of my favorites. I really enjoy getting together with friends for an evening. One groups of friends might try to that once/month.
This is getting long. Can I sum up who I am in a page? No, but I guess it is a snapshot.
I am looking forward to hearing how other singles deal with the challenges of this lifestyle being a one-some. For myself, the amputation has presented some challenges. It takes me much longer to do things, but with some pateince and creativity, I can figure out how to do most anything.
1 - 1 of 563 Posts
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