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This "sticky" thread is where , if we chose, we can all post the profile we would like to share with others. While there are not specific guidlines or requirements to what info you put here about yourself, please at least post your gender and dating preferences to minimize confusion or possibly embarrassing situations.


Any profiles can be deleted at posters request when no longer applicable.

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Paid to see the Flop and enjoying the walk up "fourth street". Just waiting to see how the River is. Of course I am still one of the happiest ogres in town :)

Five years later and I'm still getting the cards in the air at different tables and making sure no strange toothbrushes park on my bathroom counter for more than a few days.

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Born Jan 22, 1964 - Died Aug 29, 2004

A part of our homesteading family from 1999 on the old Countryside forum, where we knew her as "Hannah Maria"

Although her posts were lost through crashes and platform changes of the host site, how she touched many here will remain for lifetimes.

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A little about me...
I'm a 46yr old SWM. 6' 200lb. Bald and usually bearded. Think John Muir. Healthy, been to the hospital once since highschool, for knee surgery. I'm a Christian, not attending services, unless you count walking outside into the good Lord's wooded cathedral every morning. Live on my own spread in the east Texas area (one mile of county road, then a mile of personal dirt/gravel road, end of the road...) I don't smoke or chew, drink rarely, don't do drugs. I've been homesteading off and on since 87. Built my own home from scratch. In the process, learned all the trades...carpentry, plumbing, electrical, masonry, anything to do with homes. I won't pay someone to do something that I can learn and do myself. Think McGuyver. Previous cash cow was working summer seasons in National Parks in Alaska as a backcountry ranger (paid to go hike). Current cash cow is remodeling and building...Being very frugal and debt free allows me time to work for myself. I guess I'm a moderate, as I have some strong opinions on the environment, otherwise I'd be just conservative???

Hobbies? Is it a hobby if it's part of your life? I have several gardens each year. 60-200 chickens at any one time. An orchard of pear, peach, plum, apricot, and tons of fig, and a pecan orchard. Small lake for water supply, fish, boating. Working on the barn. Salvage logging for lumber for larger home. And of course being a batchelor, if I want "traditional" female things done, I have to do it myself...sewing, canning, cleaning. Bibliophile (Everyroom in the house has books) Music: folk, bluegrass, vocal jazz, old c/w, asian, celtic, medieval, no rap or popular trash. Debt free, and hope to stay that way. Hike, climb, canoe, fish, hunt...I eat what I kill, doing all the processing.

I've spent months at a time without any outside entertainment in wilderness areas in AK, AZ, NM, and WY. My home was off the grid for 13 years. Designed/installed my own solar system. Free natural gas for hot water, gas lights, heat. Still have solar for backup.

Likes: wicked strong ice tea, singing while I'm working, going all day without something going wrong, a good movie, good health, and being debt free. Living out in the boonies.
Dislikes: children living in neglect, abusive people, the tax bill each year, blackeyed peas and brussel sprouts. Living in town.

I have everything I ever wanted except someone to share it all with. I'm still looking for a woman who'd like a small family. And of course be right at home out in the country. Right now my best friend is my house dog. I do love children. I keep thinking, what am I constantly improving and building more on this place for if I can't share it or pass it down. I've worked hard over the years to get this place, if it weren't for property taxes, I could live on it for nothing. Whoa...I could go on forever, please pm. Working on a website.

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Singletree Graduate and Newlywed Wedding story at

Hi Gang. Hope everyone had a great Christmas and that even those who were alone for the holiday did not find themsleves feeling lonely. I just celebrated my 43rd bd last weekend which seems impossibly grown-up, lol. Not sure whether I am immature or just young at heart, but I sure don't feel as old as that sounds. I am not big on New Year's resolutions, but looking back over events of the past year I realize that my biggest flaw is that I spend too much time taking care of other people and not enough time taking care of myself, so I have promised myself to remedy that during the coming year.

My vital stats are:
SWF, 5'1 1/2", 122 lbs., never married, no kids of my own, but have helped raise my late sister's two boys for the last 7 years (but no, we are not a package deal, lol). Non drinker, non-smoker, zero tolerance for drugs. Self-employed doing lighting for the entertainment industry and corporate/industrial theater. I work an average of one week a month away from home and the rest of my time is my own. I tend to hermit a bit when I am not on the road, my reward to myself for leaving the farm to go out in the world and work for $$$. I enjoy raising my chickens, worms, bees, tending to my few citrus trees, and banana and pineapple plantings. I grow a small garden which I hope to expand this spring. I love flowers and never seem to grow enough of them. I love dabbling in woodworking, mostly building bee hives and beekeeping gadgets- very rough, I am no craftswoman (yet), but I gain a lot of satisfaction from scavanging scraps from shows that I work on and turning them into something useful and productive. I have 2 cats whom I have spoiled rotten, no regrets there, and might someday like to have more animals when I am no longer traveling. I am an avid reader and love shopping garage sales and used book stores for books to read or sell on ebay. Some of my favorite authors are Gene Logsdon, Sue Hubbell, Virginia Lanier (mystery), and Joyce Stranger. I am interested in self-sufficiency and sustainable agriculture. I am a jeans and t-shirt type with little interest in fashion. I do enjoy cooking, canning/preserving food, and some other domestic pleasures. I have a 1954 Chevy p/up which I daydream of restoring someday, although I am not too mechanically inclined, so I may cave in and pay someone else to do it for me. But I think it would be a fine thing to have an old, restored pickup truck whether I do the work or not. I enjoy a morning walk or bike ride, swimming/diving on occassion, would love to go fishing if I had a friend to go with. I am not into television although I occasionally watch a video tape and I go out to the movies a couple of times a year (just saw the LOTR trilogy and enjoyed it enormously).

Would love to hear from others who have similar interests.

Happy New Year to all,


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I'll give this a try too. There is a ad over on YaHoo that isn't doing anything under the name back_woodsman

Male, 40 pushing 41
never married, no children
5'10" tall, balding/strawberry blonde, hairy teddy bear type, hazel eyes.
Overweight and working on it. Ex smoker.
Libertarian leaning to conservative
Christian/protestant, I worship gods creation in the woods. Putting me in a church and calling me christian would be like putting me in the garage and calling me a car.

Don't know if you'd call me a survivalist or a homesteader. I discovered Mel Tappan and "The Mother Earth News" about the same time. Shortly after those discoveries I enrolled in vocational agriculture classes in high school.

After getting tired of renting and trying to save for a homestead, I purchased a older home on a dead end street in a small town. Not exactly what I wanted, but, not a bad place to be for now. Better to be paying a mortgage and building equity rather than renting and seeing minor disasters repeatedly wipe out my savings. I have a deep lot with woods behind it, plenty of room for my huge garden. A barn where a few small, quiet critters could be hidden away from nieghbors that wouldn't care much. Long range plans include leaving New York state in 5yrs or less. Places under consideration are WA, OK(lived there as a kid), NC,VA, & most likely due to convienience western PA.

I don't hunt much anymore due to lack of time and having spent the past few winters recovering from major knee injuries. If it became a necessary I would take up hunting again. I do have a collection of antique and replicas of antique guns. Like to fish when possible. Most of my free time is spent gardening. My family is in the restauraunt business, though I no longer work with my family, I can probably outcook most people. This years self improvement project is teaching myself methods of food preservation other than freezing. I have a passion for appropriate technology whether old or new. I am a skilled tradesman who has been employed in the same field for the past ten years. I wasted a bunch of my time in my 20's sowing oats. Now I want what I foolishly put on hold back then.

As you can see, I can take care of myself just fine. I don't need a mommy. Companionship would be nice. Someone to help me keep focused on goals when times get tough enough to be distracting. A family would be nice. That said, I love children, because I love children I don't care if I'm a biological father or not. So, I guess I'm saying the right woman with kids wouldn't bother me. The wrong ex trying to tell me how to run my life would bother me though. She's probably between the ages of 25 and 45. Wears her hair long, less than 5'8" tall and is considered "low maintenance". She's also pretty old fashioned, she might not have always been that way, but, experience has shown her that is the best way. She knows being a partner means being able to compromise. We probably have the same goal, but different visions of that goal. By the nature of the personalities I expect to find on this board, I know we are both stubborn and hard headed. Compromise is something we'll probably both need to adjust to.

My overly idealistic vision can be found on pages 242-252 of the fifth Foxfire book. My more realistic vision is somewhere near the "Five Acres and Independance" ideal.


UPDATE: I'm off the market. I've found a woman that is as close to ideal as I could ask for.

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Howdy All!
I've been lurking for a few months now and have finally decided to register and join the ranks of the active posters. I was born in Takoma Park MD, but have never managed to settle down in any one particular place, hence the 'Wandering' portion of my screen name. I've lived in various parts of Maryland, Virginia and Brooklyn, NY, all through no choice of my own, following one or another of my parents in their wanderings. Went to college in Berea Kentucky, which is about as far away as you can get from Brooklyn and still remain on this planet.
When I finished college, I had my first experience with homesteading- house-sitting on a retired couple's remote farm while they spent a year teaching. The farm was twenty miles from town, and two miles from the nearest paved road and utility pole. Did I mention that I went to high school in Brooklyn? What's the point of having driver's ed since nobody in New York owns a car anyway? That's right, not only did I not have a car, I didn't even have a license at the time. Needless to say this was an adventure. I was able to bum rides from my neighbor who was even further in the woods than I was. I spent my free time reading back issues of Mother Earth News and Home Power. I also gardened, chopped wood, hauled water, weeded a 1/2 acre fish pond, and explored my environs. I wanted to stay, but knew that I couldn't because I was too remote in an area which didn't have many employment opportunities. I tried staking tobacco once (the only kind of work available), but wasn't very good at it, and I wasn't invited back. Eventually, I had to leave as the property was sold. 160 acres of remote woodland with an organic garden, orchard, barn/workshop , pond, and a two bedroom house- sold for $40,000. Now this was back in 1992, but that still isn't that bad a deal. Of course, I was broke (worse than broke- $4,000.00 in the hole actually), with no car, and no job, and no way of getting either. So, what did I do? What any other red blooded American would do, join the service.
If I had to do it over again, I would have been an officer. After all, I did have a degree in Industrial Technology Management (Whatever the fsk that means). However, the recruiter lied (that's their job ain't it?) and told me that I would need to wait at least a year before I could get a commission. So, I went into advanced electronics and learned how to repair and operate Sonar equipment for the Navy. Spend two years training in San Diego. Learned how to drive a stick shift on the San Diego freeways. When I was done, I drove to my next duty station, Norfolk VA. I spent the next four years Haze Grey and Underway, on board the USS Stump- DD978. Went on two six month deployments- one to the Gulf and one to the Medeteranian. Got to see all kinds of interesting parts of the world. We didn't fire a single shot, much to the dissapointment of some of my shipmates who wanted do do their part to visit a little bit of hell on Bosnia, and/or Iraq. After six years in Uncle Sam's Canoe Club, I decided that I had enough and decided not to re-enlist.
Got a job as a defence contractor in the DC area making three times what the Navy was paying me. At the time, I thought I was making big money, untill I saw what real-estate prices were in the area. After a year of paying $700.00 per month for the privelage of living in Thug Central (I'll bet you didn't know that there were crack neighborhoods in Reston, didja?), I decided to get out. If I'd been smart, I would have quit my cushy job and headed back to the hills that I had come from seven years earlier. Unfortunately, I let the money go to my head, and decided that I could live in the hills and commute to work. That's right, there are hills within commuting distance of the DC Beltway- if you consider a 60 mile drive commuting distance. I've been out here ever since, regreting my decision.
The house that I bought is a fixer-upper, and I probably couldn't sell it for what I owe without fixing it up. I'm on a one acre hilside lot, and I have the option to buy a few more acres. However, this area is technically zoned residential, and has a strict HOA, so the only animals I can have are a dog or a cat. Technically I can't even have rabbits or chickens, due to the zoning regs. I can't even take potshots at the deer eating my tomatoes- discharging of firearms is against the HOA regulations. McMansions are starting to come up in some of the more accessable areas, as suddenly the entire region is becoming a Bedroom Community for DC. Real estate prices are starting to skyrocket, as has the appraised value for my house, along with taxes and insurance. In other words, I've got to get out of here. Too close to the city and 911-esque targets.
I've got a plan to be on a homestead of my own within 2-3 years. Year one- fix up this dump and get it sold. Next summer- migrate northward. I never did like the humidity down here, and it's a lot easier to build a fire than an air conditioner. I have friends in the Watertown NY area who have offered to help me get a job. Fort Drum is hiring contractors left and right. Once I have established a beachead in Watertown, I'll put my ears to the ground to get a feel for the area. I have a friend who spend a year interning at a Commune up in St. Lawrence county- ridiculoulsly cheap land up that way. Farms that went under during the depression or earlier that have been abandoned for decades. I learned one thing in KY- don't try to go it alone, and don't commit yourself without a plan. I had to learn the hard way that I ain't Grizzly Adams, although I may have similar facial fur in the wintertime.
Well, that's my intro. I didn't mean for it to be so long, but it's been a long strange trip.


Tony, AKA WanderingOak

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I am new to this group,
gender: male
age: 56
location: outside any city limits, Ohio, northeast part of central Ohio, in the area known as 'the Amish country.'
divorced for 9 years;
3 grown sons who all live in New Hampshire;
I have 40 acres (half wooded, and half fields), a couple small ponds, a small stream, a very old house which still needs to be finished restoring;
I have French and American Alpine dairy goats, Holland Lop rabbits, and one Akita who watches over everything. I have been using goat's milk to raise calves.....and the calves are headed toward the freezer.
occupation: had been in Respiratory Therapy and hospital management. Two years ago, I lost my right leg....I still can't find it anywhere. Initially, I went back to work full time, but due to some complications, I had to go on disability this spring. I am looking at ways that I could make some additional income from my prorperty.
garden: did not have one this year...maybe next year;
dating: had dated one wondertful lady, who could never seem to convince me that I would like to move to the city; recently dated another woderful lady, who had to move to another part of the country.....our status????......
I have been very fortunate to have been invovled with these particular people.
I never went out "looking" for someone. I simply persued my interests, and those paths crossed.
Interests, besides the goats and rabbits and gardening:
church.....I guess that I am a little unusual, because I don't care for the dogmatic dictators,
I used to help facilitate a "divorce recovery group." That group is now defunct, but a few of us are looking into starting another one because the other one benefited so many people.
Reading: leadership issues, the dynamics of relationships, self-improvement, anything by Henry Cloud and John Townsend, Warren Bennis, Ken Blanchard. The last really good book I read was Seizing Your Divine Moment, by Erwin MacManus. I love watching football. I like watching basketball somewhat, but I really enjoy watching Lebron James. This kid has an amazing maturity for a high school grad. Contra dancing....I have not been able to actually dance since the amputation, but sometimes I go just to listen to the music, and hang out with friends for an evening. Occasional trips to zoos, museums, living history places......Sturbridge Village and Plimouth Plantation, both in Massachusetts are 2 of my favorites. I really enjoy getting together with friends for an evening. One groups of friends might try to that once/month.
This is getting long. Can I sum up who I am in a page? No, but I guess it is a snapshot.
I am looking forward to hearing how other singles deal with the challenges of this lifestyle being a one-some. For myself, the amputation has presented some challenges. It takes me much longer to do things, but with some pateince and creativity, I can figure out how to do most anything.

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Well, I guess I'll finally jump in, too. I'm 53, female, divorced for several years after being married for 24 years. I have no two-legged dependents (of any age :haha: ). Grew up in Maryland, lived in Pennsylvania for quite a few years before moving out west, where I feel I finally belong. Glad to still be single, too.

After a brief, difficult stint in Wyoming where I couldn't find work, I moved up to the Billings, Montana area. It took over 2 more years to get back out of the city and into financial stability again. I've been renting a small ranch since the beginning of '04, but now I am in the process of buying my own little place in the same valley.

Currently, I'm raising chickens for eggs to sell (I do pretty well selling them at work) and am planning a market garden for this coming summer. I also have a flock of geese. Why, I really don't know. :confused: ... I might like to get a couple of dairy goats eventually. I've been veggie gardening most of my adult life.

I'm a paid computer geek for a non-profit organization just outside of Billings. Great job: I can't believe they pay me for this stuff! I'll have to keep working full-time until retirement. I sure am hoping that my market garden will be providing some decent income by then.

The things I love the most: Jesus!, country air; country quiet (OK, so it's not too quiet during hunting season, but oh well); getting up into the mountains; open, friendly, honest people; folks who have great rapport with animals; not having a significant other to pick up after ...

Things that just turn me off: Arrogant or narrow-minded people. Also, those who have no regard for others.

I guess I don't sound too exciting, but I am a friendly sort. So if anyone just needs someone to talk to, I'm more than happy to listen...

-Barb in Montana

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Hmmm, well let's see.

I'm 47 SWF, live in Texas Hill Country with two kids. I work full time, so I'm not a real homesteader, but we have 1.093 acres So I mess around with gardening and chickens. We want to get rabbits, but aren't sure yet, lots of predators around.


Ons: Outside when it's not horribly hot. Camping, building things, reading, gardening, playing with my chickens, bookstores, hanging out with my kids.

Offs: Depends on what day it is, some days have more than others! I mean, some days traffic is stressful, some days it gives you time to think, know what I mean?

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Hi all. I'm 33 at the moment (born Aug. 1972), 5'6", female, brown eyes, normally dark brown hair (dyed it red), been divorced since Oct. '03 and have a 7 y/o son. Currently living on the outskirts of a small town in NW Pennsyltucky. I enjoy the outdoors and currently have chickens, a horse, a dog and a few small pet critters. Don't know what else to say :eek: If ya got questions, I can try to answer 'em! :)

Oh! Forgot to mention...I am a smoker and social drinker. I'll add more as I remember :eek:

Update: Things I enjoy...Camping, fishing, hunting, walking the woods, riding horses, reading, music (country, rock, new age, etc.), various crafts and hobbies, learning new things. There are other things, but I can't think of them all at the moment.

Saw the Pennsyltucky comments :) I picked the term up on knap-in camping trips with my dad. A knap-in is a gathering for flint dad used to make arrow heads like the Native Americans and early man. I also fiddle with a primitive weapon called an At'latl, also introduced to me on those camping trips.

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I've posted on other forums here, but hadn't yet gotten around to doing the profile thing. Probably because I'm not really "looking", but one never knows.

I'm a 53-year-old recent widow. DH passed away last spring. I carry on here on our dream farm/homestead, because this was/is my dream, too.

I'm also retired Air Force, have lived in many places around the U.S. and overseas. Have two grown daughters and one granddaughter.

Having lived a full and interesting life, I find that my life is still full and interesting, although in different ways than in my younger years. I'm not afraid of being alone, and am never lonely. I truly enjoy my own company, and have little need for entertainment - other than the internet - LOL! I learned long ago that I am responsible for my own happiness. No one else can provide that for me.

That's not to say I would be unhappy in the company of others. I have friends and a social life, albeit a quiet one.

I don't much like yakking on the phone, nor do I watch TV. Don't even have TV service. It's much more entertaining to take a walk out back with the dogs. I read alot in the wintertime, and start feeling deprived if there aren't enough unread books around; am always looking forward to the next good read (NOT romance genre).

I've been known to use cuss words, and have probably invented a few of my own. DH and I have always worked hard together, and cussed together, too. I guess the family that works together & cusses together stays together, and we did. 'til death do us part.

NeHi Mama
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Hi all,
I guess I better introduce myself. I've been hanging around on the site for about a month now but hadn't made it over to the Singletree till now. I live in Southern Missouri, but was born in Ohio. I am 23 and try to live a Christian lifestyle, and single. Have never been married. I am not dating or otherwise trying to find anyone, but wouldn't be at all adverse to the idea if the right gentleman came along(and I stress the "gentleman" part). ;) I love children and hope to have many someday. Am living at home right now on the farm, with my 8 siblings who are still at home. Youngest is 5 and one of the joys of my life.
My interests are farming and livestock mainly. Right now my Dad and I have a joint effort going into commercial dairy goats. We should be starting to milk 80-100 head of dairy goats in February. That means feeding 200+ goat kids by hand three or four times a day.....It should be hmmmm....interesting to say the least! We also have Jersey cows and drink the raw milk.
I have four dogs and several barn cats. Love the dogs, but prefer cats. I LOVE to read, and audio books are a great favorite of mine when I am working at a boring job(building fence, mucking out the barn, etc.). I am also a movie buff when I get the chance. I can't think of anything else at this time. Thats me!! :cowboy:


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Hello....:cowboy:..... I am called Frenchy.......

I am a 40 year old male who until recently has been a wrangler on guest ranches and also been a packer and part-time guide for hunting outfits.........I have had a recent turn in my life with a surgery last winter which had put me down for awhile and I am now getting back onto my feet as far as getting my life started again .........

I was raised partly on a small farm here in Arkansas...... raising hogs and rabbits for markets .....and had most of the usual farm critters goes .......I am considering settling down here for awhile since I have access to land already in my family here and not any reason to try buy more .........have settled down here and am currently caring for my folks who have had health issues..........

I am a very people type person ......and enjoy life and whatever I am doing .........I have learned over the years everyone has problems at times so buck up and just hang on and ride them out and see what tomorrow brings ya ..............I am a cut up and like to play around and joke with people especially kids .........and if by chance I get the chance to visit with any you ladies on here I am also a very big flirt so please be warned ......hahahahahaa
I am 5' 7" and about 215# as of right now ........usually less I have long dark hair with gray and a full beard an mustache ........and gray blue eyes .........

as of right now I am just enjoying the write ups on here and hope to get a chance to meet some of ya'll online here .........please feel free to give me a holler at anytime if you would like to .........great place this is and will be always reading and enjoying ya'lls comments ................. :cowboy:

I am adding a link so ya'll can see who I am and also see some of the items I make not alot on here as of yet but it will give you an idea
I hope this works let me know if you try to use it and it don't please .......thanks...Frenchy

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Down to zero regular penpals again. Maybe its just that I am extremely boring or maybe nobody wants to put any effort into mere friendship on longterm basis. Who knows? I do have plenty of faults and baggage just like everybody else whos reached middle age. Its always kind of a hassle to post for new penpals as people read all kinds of stuff into a posting such as this and one gets lot weird responses, but things usually sort themselves out as those not really interested drop off quickly.

Those who have been around Countryside/Homesteadingtoday probably have good idea what I'm like. WYSIWYG, I'm far too lazy to create artificial facades and try to keep in character with such. Others not familiar with my posts here, well, I'm crusty middle aged recluse who is happy living alone, the more physically isolated the better. I like backyard engineering, metal, stone, and wood (but probably like welding useful things or making useful repairs from bits and pieces in my scrapiron collection the most). Like to mess with computer and software. Like to garden. Cat person (14 right now through happenstance of fate) though I like dogs too (two of those). Pretty much vegetarian. I dont buy meat/milk nor hunt nor raise livestock, but not political about it (just feel healthier without it) and dont third degree/lecture somebody whats in the food on rare occasions when I am a guest. From my perspective, everybody can figure out for themselves what they feel best about eating.

As to religion, I am an agnostic with some Buddhist sympathies. I'd have to get a personal glimpse of all space and time to go beyond that and so far havent found a tall enough tree... Again figure everybody has to find their own spiritual path. I sure am not going to critisize anybody for choosing a different one. I expect the same respect accorded to me. Politically I am ever so slightly left of center and strongly libertarian as opposed to authoritarian.

Again want to point out that I am looking for e-pal/penpal. NOT looking for romance/relationship, however I suppose if serendipity struck and I found a female middleaged rustic hermit with simular outlook...., but that is highly unlikely. If you are a lovesick person pining for your soulmate, or just looking for a human housepet to spend your waning years with, you'd do well to look elsewhere. I am happy the way things are in my life and can muddle along ok by myself the rest of the journey, just nice to have somebody to chat with regularly about day to day stuff or theoretical whatifs or whatever is on your mind. Imagine that, a hermit who likes to chat, just doesnt like to physically be around other people. Unique I guess, most true hermits arent very chatty so people mistake me for being more social than I am. Want to see that "deer in the headlights" look, just put me in a crowd of people. I define crowd as anything more than 4 or 5. Seriously I can deal with people, just really hate having to. Also be nice if it was somebody with some staying power, but thats asking a lot in todays throwaway society.
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