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sick rabbit?

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Is a rattle in a rabbit always snuffles?
I had a little buck I was raising for back up and he started making a noise in his head and it got worse into his chest.
I have culled him and I am watching every one else.
He was the only one left in a pen of butcher rabbits that were butchered last week.
What do you usually do about rabbits with rattles?
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Is a rattle in a rabbit always snuffles?

Apparantly not. I had one doe that "rattled" and when she started, my rabbits had been isolated on the farm for several months ... nothing new in ... and I hadn't been anywhere that I could have picked anything up either, so I basically ignored it and didn't quarantine her. Nobody else got it, she never got to the snotty nose/wet paws stage and cleared up in a few days.

I've since talked to another breeder, someone who does a lot of showing so is fairly paranoid about disease. She told me that she has found some individual rabbits and some breeds seem to be more easily stressed than others and she's found that these easily stressed animals seem to pick up what she's ended up calling a "cold" when they are stressed. Doesn't seem to be triggered by anything specifically ... she's had it happen with rabbits taken to shows and also at home, with sudden temperature changes or even relocation to another set of cage.

She says she culls them when it is practical, as she suspects part of it may be related to having a less efficient immune system. She's never had it get "passed around" in the rabbitry either so feels it is not anything contagious.
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