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sick rabbit?

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Is a rattle in a rabbit always snuffles?
I had a little buck I was raising for back up and he started making a noise in his head and it got worse into his chest.
I have culled him and I am watching every one else.
He was the only one left in a pen of butcher rabbits that were butchered last week.
What do you usually do about rabbits with rattles?
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Not always. We had a Doe develop some of the symptoms of pasturella, but not all, nothing else fit what she was dealing with. Ended up she had congestive heart failure and died two years later. Never got pneumonia, always ate and drank, but was a bit lethargic. Even raised three large litters.

Did you check the Bucks organs?
We did loose this bucks grand sire to what may have been heart failure. So it's possible that is what was showing up early.
If that is the case he needed to be culled.
I am disapointed though he was a very nice buck.
I didn't check too closely on his organs, I probably should have. Mostly I just held him up to my ear while he was still alive and didn't put him back in his cage after I heard the rattles. Could have been his heart or his lungs. There was no discharge though. Which could be a good indicator it was his heart.
I still have his heart, I will check it out today. His grand sires was the size of a golf ball when he died at 18 monthes.
I out crossed to a different line and didn't think this would show up again. I'll just have to keep culling out the bad ones.
i was thinking about going back and adding that line back into the rabbitry again, but looks like I may have to go a different direction in my breeding program.
It seems like any line of pure breds is going to have some problem or another though. I was reading on another site that one persons line had split penis. You just eat the junk.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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