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sick nubian

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My 1 1/2 - 2 year old, normally very healthy first freshener, whose very healthy doeling and buckling were born about June 10th, has for the last 3 days been experiencing a loose stool, ranging from mudlike to pure liquid. I have given her some Probios, copper, baking soda, and Kefir, aside from the normal grain, alfalfa, fruit (snacks after milking), and plenty of water. For the most part she has been acting fine, though on occasion she seems a bit lethargic. Her eye lids and gums look normal, her temp. is 102.8, her regular milk volume has dropped from 64 ounces per milking to 32 from one day to the next, and I did find a couple of 3/4 inch long worms in her stool today. Her stool has loosened a few times before, but only for a few hours and even then it was very minor. This time it has been 3 days and I am wondering what might be going on.

Since God decided not to create pharmacutical drugs, I have decide not to use them. I know He made provision for this too, however, I am a bit new to goats and don't as of yet know the answer.
Any thoughts???

I am a bit concerned for her, and want to make sure I am doing what is right by her.

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Worm her.there is a herbal wormer alot of people here use which you could try if you wont use chemicals. I would worry about her getting dehidrated.
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