Sick kid again

Discussion in 'Goats' started by Rob30, Aug 22, 2006.

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    I have one kid that seems down. His tail is tucked he has dried feces around his tail. I assume he has had scours and no one noticed. He looks a little slimmer han his brother, slower. I am afraid he may get worse. I lost one female kid this week already, with no apparent symptoms. I have had problems with worms this year. I assume that is what is causeing my problems.
    These kids are on pasture with their moms. They recieve salt and a mineral block. They are on fresh pasture.
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    not all wormers work in all areas, sometimes you need to rotate them. Also you need to repeat the dosage 2 or even 3 times to be effective. The other possibility is cocci.
    If you susspect that, treatment should be started immediately. You may need to consult a vet for the remedy. Dettox I think is one

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    When your kid poo again see if it is berries or not.. If it is not and it smells awful you could have a problem with cocci and you need to treat it as soon as you can or you will lose your kid. Next to see if your goat needs to be wormed again because this time of year it is really bad for worms and cocci too. You may have already wormed your goat and if so the wormer may have stopped working and you need to find out what wormer is working in your area. Me I use all different types of wormers because if keep using the same one it will stop working.

    Next thing you need to do is see if the goat is dehydrated. How to check a goat for that is do this.. Pinch the skin; if it snaps back into place, the goat is not seriously dehydrated. If the skin stays 'tented' like beaten egg whites, the goat is seriously dehydrated. Mix electrolytes or orally drench the animal to prevent dehydration. You can use Powerade, Gatorade or pedylite to keep a goat from getting dehydrated. If you have Goat Drench use that because you do not want a dehydrated kid on your hands.

    If the poor baby is weak and slow on his feet you may also need to give Vitamin B shot to help him.. When you get done treating your baby goat later and know he is doing better you will need to give him Probios so you can put back good baterica in his body..

    Also if you have a weight tape you need to keep record of your goats weight and see if he is loosing or gaining..

    A while back I had a little wether to get down on me and he would eat good, drink good but didn't have the strength to get up on his feet when down so I had to start giving him Vitamin B shots alone with some goat power punch. His eyelids was as white as a ghost and me doing that he finally got where he could get up and down without any help.. When he was as weak as he was I would have to help him get up when he got down and that was scarey. Now his eyelids are looking pink and he started to gain his weight back. He had at first cocci and worms so I had to treat him for both then he got down on me with no strength to get up when down .. but now he runs, plays and all like the rest KNOCK ON WOOD...

    Oh one more thing make sure he is peeing ok too.

    Good Luck on your goat/goats. :)
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