Sick calf?

Discussion in 'Cattle' started by dunroven, Apr 16, 2005.

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    Dec 6, 2004
    Hi, my husband and I today purchased 3 baby calves. They are little bull calves, we were told they are 2 days old and that they have had lots of colostrum. We were told they were well fed this morning and they may not want anything this evening.

    Well, we stopped at the feed store and picked up some calf starter and some bottles and nipples, and got some stuff called, Re-sorb, I think that's the name. Anyway, it is an electrolyte powder that you mix with warm water and feed 2 quarts the first feeding (after you transport the calves), and nothing else, then the next feeding is 1 quart of Re-sorb mixed with 1 quart of milk replacer, and of course, water.

    Two of the calves slurped this down like there was no tomorrow. The third calf acted like it didn't want it, and we tried very hard to give it to him, but finally gave up. The poor little guy seems very weak and was kind of breathing hard and even coughed a couple of times while we were out there. Do I have a sick calf, or do you think he just didn't want anything from morning, like the lady at the dairy farm said? These are Gurnsey and beautiful little guys. Hate to think I might lose one, but I need some advice here.

    We will, of course, feed them before church in the morning, and hopefully he will still be here. What do you all think?

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    Jan 14, 2005
    I Dont Have Much Experience In This, But It Sounds Like He Was Already Weak. Did The Others Suck The Bottle? Maybe He Doesnt Know How Yet. My Son Is A Paramedic And We Used A Nasal Gastric Tube One Time That Worked Good. We Just Used Orange Gatorade. But That Calf Was An Orphan We Finally Caught And It Was A Month Old, Lost Its Mammy About 3 Weeks Before That. I Dont Know Much But Hate To See No Response For You. It Is Such A Tender Thing. Maybe Do A Search Here In The Archives. Surely There Is Something.

    Best Wishes, Mom

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    If you want to save this calf you must immediately get an oral calf feeder. This device will permit you to force feed the animal. The calf will dehydrate and die QUICKLY otherwise. The Re-Sord will be fed with this tool. I stress that you must do this very soon!