Should the government fund research to find an antidote for oxytocin?

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    "Sixth-grade teachers will tell you that girls get up and go to the bathroom together; girls say they have to go at the same time. They need to go off and intimately exchange the important currency of their day, which increases their oxytocin and dopamine levels. "

    "The hormone of intimacy is oxytocin, and when women talk to each other, they get a rush of it. For teen girls especially, when they’re talking about who’s hooking up with whom, who’s not talking to whom, who you like and don’t like — that’s bedrock, that excites the girl’s brain."

    "Women use about 20,000 words a day, while men use about 7,000."

    "The female brain shrinks 8 percent during pregnancy and does not return to its former size until six months postpartum."

    "A stereotype always has an aspect of truth to it, or it wouldn’t be a stereotype."

    These are quotes from Dr. Louann Brizendine, professor of nueropsychaitry at the University of California.
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    All of us girls in the family have the same menstrual time, we cycle together. Even MIL who has had menopause 15 years ago gets PMS it seems when I'm ovulating.

    It doesn't suprise me, pretty interesting post!


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    Oxytoccin is great stuff. It's what makes mothers "motherly". It can be given to male rats and they will start "mothering" baby rats.

    It's released when you are nursing a baby and gives you a peaceful calm and (for me) I usually nodded off for a few minutes. 30 years later, I still am able to do this...deeply relax and actually fall asleep, then feel refreshed in about 20 minutes.

    Years ago I read a book called "Lunacycles". It explains a whole lot about how women in primitive societies all ovulate at the same time. This book claimed that it was because they were exposed to moonlight on a regular basis. There was a whole lot more in the book. The whole idea really helped me to understand myself and my moods over the years.
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    Dont give me lines like that,its dangerous. :p

    BooBoo :gromit:
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    Why would we want to findf an antidote for it??? If anything we could use a little more of it around.

    Doesn't it feel like "they" want women to be less motherly, & men to be less masculine. AND get the gov't to fund it all.

    I wish the gov't wpi;d quit funding all this stuff & just do it's job.
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    This drives me crazy. I don't like other people I know in the bathroom with me. I like my privacy. It irritates me when I am with a group of people and I go to the bathroom and somebody has to say..."oh I'll go with you". LIke they are doing me a favor or something. It's creepy.