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should I lutalyse BOTH?

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I just brought boer goats home from county fair today; all firsts and seconds, a senior champion percentage doe who also took overall percentage grand champion and my buck took overall reserve grand champion...yippee but now to the concern. On the way home, my 41/2 month old buckling got loose in the trailer. When I arrived home, I noticed white discharge on the vulva of my 5 month old doeling. Her pen mate seems totally fine, no issues. I am going to lutalyse the first doe. Should I also lutalyse the second for insurance. I would say with 99% confidence that SHE is not bred, but if it doesn't hurt her, I'd just as soon do it. I've never lutalysed before and will probably just drive in to the vets for it.
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You have to buy the shot from the vet, but it is easy enough to give.
(Unless there is any chance you are pregnant, then let the vet do it.)

Last year I saw a five month old get bred by her sibling after he came through a fence. I lutelysed her, but did not do the other two five month old does. Both of them kidded at 10 months. They both had beautiful twins and did fine, but I certainly would not recommend it. I say do them both.

But wait a few weeks.

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