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Do any of you tan your own sheepskins? What uses do they have?
I have hair sheep, does that make a difference?

I'd like to make as much use as possible of the by-products after
butchering and not let things go to waste. Is there a market for them?

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I don't know if you'd make much money off of hair sheep pelts but if you search Mother Earth News there's a good online article on self tanning sheep hides.
I know some taxidermy places (you can find them online) sell a product (I think it is called Ewe Tan It) just for tanning sheep. You may want to contact them and ask since you have hair sheep if you would need to use that or could use a different product. I don't know what the difference is in the products for sheep or for other animals.
Dunno about the market, but you could find some uses for it around the farm! They make good slippers, you could sell those. I want to home-tan, using brains or somewhat... Tannin from bark works too...
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