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I transported my goats in the back of my Honda Civic. Certainly created a stir when children noticed them. We also used the pick up with one of those shells enclosing the back end, but that involved heaving them up into it. Not something able to do easily anymore. I was thinking about getting a small trailer that I could haul down to the place the utility company dumps wood chips, since it is easier on the shoulders to shovel into a trailer than into a pick up bed. And then making some sort of slide in box with ramp that could be used for hauling small livestock. Multi-use trailer. Ross also expressed a box-in-trailer idea. I was wondering if this would make a light weight trailer top heavy and tippy. And also wondering just how strong this contraption would need to be to confine 2-3 sheep. Anyone built anything like this?
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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