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Sheep That dont need shearing

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Hey Everyone
I have some questions! :confused: I was playing soccer with a good freind of mine and, for some odd reason we got on the topic of sheep, she said when she was little she had a sheep that did not need to be shorn in the spring or :eek: summer, and I said what, i had no idea what she was talking about. She said it just molted. Well any way here is my questions can they do that, and if so what breed. I would love all the help i can get. Thanks a bunch.....
Lynn :)
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Try to start as young as possible. The younger, the easier to tame. Then put them in a pen so that they rely on you for food and water. They will tame down pretty quickly, especially if you offer them treats. Mine were pretty wild to begin with but now they follow me everywhere. They will still "spook" like deer when something frightens them (even rabbits). I really like them myself.
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