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Polly in NNY said:
Ross, we've been thinking about this as well but I've got a couple of questions on preparing the sheepskin. Do you shear first and then wait for regrowth before you process the skin, how much regrowth, how do you process the sheepskin?
I'm anxiously awaitiing input on this one. :haha:
You can slick-shear just prior to butchering if you want just the leather hide. For shearling, shear 2-4 weeks prior to butchering. You can also process with a full fleece in place -- I have an Icelandic skin with about 6" locks on it. Skins can be processed as being washable or not.

I posted some information under the question on hide tanneries as far as preparation -- not sure what they actually do to process the hide once its at the tannery!
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