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We are breeding our sheep now, so as to be able to lamb in June and July. Last year we lambed a few lambs in August. We just put our ram in with 11 ewes, and he is wearing a marking harness. He marked two ewes the first full day of being in with them.

Should we keep the ram in with the ewes for 5 weeks? We do have a back up ram, or a clean up ram as well. What do we do with the clean up ram?

If a EWE gets marked, we write the date down and calculate out the approximate delivery time.

Questions we have are the following:
1.) If marked, do you figure they are bred?
2.) Do you pregnancy test your ewes? What type of test do you use?
At what point do we do pregnancy tests?
3.) Do we use the back up ram? If so, when? Do we take the main ram out or leave him in as well?
4.) Is there any way of ensuring that the bred ewes stay pregnant?
5.) Any other suggestions?

Thank you!
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