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I like Laura lawson. I have the sheep book too and then I have one more that is quite valuable, quite expensive but worth it-the veterinary book for sheep farmers. It is English so sometimes I trouble to find things but it is the most extensive book for aliments I have found. I also have used storeys guide to raising sheep by paula simmons until it is worn out for this cause: Most sheep problems are common problems like your first case of bloat. I can readily find the answers to my questions very quickly using this smaller and very easy to read book. For the brief and quick things I turn to Storeys. If the answer is not there, I go to managing your ewe or the vet book. While managing your ewe is good- it is often overkill from a producers standpoint. It is excessive. If everyone shot up their ewes with every vitamin and vaccine she lists, you would do nothing else but give shots. That book overtreats in my opinion. She can't be simple about anything and doubtless her sheep are filled to overflowing with vit A. PLus, she uses lots of gadgets and Storeys at least tells you how to make every gadget at home. Laura does sheep management the expensive way- nice to get instruction via storeys guide on how to do it more cheaply. Same goes for Storyes chicken guide- they are so good to give you the less expensive do it yourself options like tree branches for roosts and stuff like that. Lawson's charts in back baffle me too.

Still I would like to see a far better diagnostic manual than I have thus far seen. The chicken health handbook is the best diagnostic book I have ever seen, laid out in about 4 different ways so that it makes diagnosing whichever way you go about it- a breeze. If anyone knows a similarly great book for diagnosing sheep, I would love to hear about it. I want to be able to look up the symptoms say under the heading "urine" and get the lowdown on which diseases affect the color or consistancy of urine. A symptom based index would be really nice. Storeys is nicely laid out but not complete.

my opinions- kirsten
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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