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Hey all;

So we are so proud of our youngest daughter. She marched this summer with The Santa Clara Vanguard drum and bugle corps (she's in the colorguard...) It was a long hard summer (broke her nose in Nebraska...rifle hit it. Hurt her arm in Idaho, ankle in Oregon, hip who knows where..and she kept on going...)


this past week DCI finals were out here at The Rose Bowl (OK, not the best place for drum corps...) and SCV got 5th!!!

Even better.....

on September 5th at 10 PM eastern time on ESPN 2 they will broadcast finals. If you get a chance to watch, take a peek at SCV. My DD is the one with a sabre solo in the midst of some horns in the beginning, then she runs to a boy, he tosses his rifle and catches her, then rifle (that was the nose breaker...) she also has a dance piece during the ballad...that was put in after 1/4finals Thursday...

Anyhow, had to brag...we are so proud of her and all her hard work!!! And best of all, now she is home after being gone w/ the corps since May...

Life is darn good!!!!
:) Bonnie

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Bragging is good :) I do with my girls too.. You must be so proud of her :) How exciting!!
My daughter is a drum major this year, we're really proud of her, and i'm sure your the same, when I see my daughter march i get very teary eyed!! and I feel this proudness in my heart :)
So i know exactly how you feel.. congrats to you daughter!!! :baby04:
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