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sexing newborn lambs

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I won't post anymore, but thanks for those of you who didn't act like we were stupid. No thanks to those of you who were rude.
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Really? Two holes in back its a female. If only one its a male.
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It amazes me how people will not spend the time or money to purchase books to research a subject but will jump on a forum and ask a newbie question. Maybe you shouldn't be raising sheep? The last place to look for correct data is a forum. A forum is primarily nothing but a bunch of opinions. Spend $20 bucks and buy a book. What are you going to do when you have a real problem(like a malpresentation at 3am) post on a forum? Sorry your offended. Raising animals is hard you will make mistakes. If you are serious build a library.

My rant is done. You all have my permission to hate me.
Well, that explains all those informative answers then! :unsure:
Probably helps all the misinformed people on this forum. I have the ability to read and understand, however so I will not be relying on Alice's wealth of information.
Yes that is correct BadOregon most people are just spouting opinions unless they give factual experiences or links to studies, Books, etc. I never said that authors know everything, however a book like "Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep" is deeply researched by authors with pratical knowledge who also worked many others to put together a very informative book. These authors are not idiots. Please provide links to books you have written
You are correct stating the more information you have the more it well help as long as it Correct information. Of course I did not learn everything from books, however this is the foundation I built my experience on. I have gathered years of empirical knowledge raising animals. Cattle, Goats, Sheep, Hogs, Chickens and Ducks. You have to understand BadOregon you have to be able to separate the grain from the chaff. It is not my responsibility to encourage new people.
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If people on this forum are misinformed and you have books to read, why are you here?
Painting with awful broad brush there Danaus29. I did not say Everyone was misinformed (however apparently you are) and I did not say I have books to read. The reason I am here is my business and I do not owe you an explanation.
Malpresentation drawings. Goats in pics, but will apply to sheep as well. The best I have seen. For reference at 3:00 am ;)

Very nice. A color copy laminated on a big ring would be very handy in the lambing barn.
Storey’s guides are well known to be the rookie books. Some information is outdated.
Perhaps. However, as I assumed we were dealing with a Rookie why not start at the beginning.
Recommendations of advanced Shepherds books would be well received. As I am always to eager to read books on sheep raising.
Resisting shooting the fish in the barrel.
Don't Hold Back I can take it.
Since the group in this current discussion seem to be Anti-Storey. What is the definitive book on raising Sheep?
I used to have Storey's guide to raising rabbits. I sold it to another sucker long before I got out of breeding rabbits. There are better and more accurate sources of information.
Name One
And I didn't say that you said everyone was misinformed. Apparently your reading comprehension is lacking.

You know everything yet refuse to help less informed people. That says a lot about you.
Danaus29 you seem to have some bottled up anger have you ever tried meditation or aromatherapy? Or is trolling on forums your preferred method of anger release?
Sigh... I guess there has to be one in every crowd or thread.
Well BO if everyone just went along with the rest of the lemmings what a boring world it would be. I milked Nubians for 5 years what is your greatest Dairy Goat source of information?
I have an earlier edition of this that didn’t include cervids.

Sheep, Goat, and Cervid Medicine
Thank You.
I have to stand corrected I have already relied on Alice's wealth of information. I am a lowly peasant of few posts not worth of the Giants of Homesteading Today. Apologies would not be accepted so none will be forth coming. It's been fun. I will be lurking in the shadows until........

Mission Accomplished. Hornets Nest successfully whacked. All players identified. Returning to Cricket Status.
Why, yes. Yes, you are.

So, folks.... Whose sock do you think this dirt-disturber could be?
No excuses, my behaviour was rude and inappropriate. I owe all involved an apology. All I can do from this point forward is to strive to be an exemplary poster and follow the rules of rational debate.

Formerly known as Cosmiccowman.
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