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sexing newborn lambs

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I won't post anymore, but thanks for those of you who didn't act like we were stupid. No thanks to those of you who were rude.
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There are multiple factors to consider when determining gender……I find it best to wait until the lambs are a bit older, so the lamb itself can decide it’s own gender rather than you assigning it. At about 6 months old, if you listen closely you’ll also be able to determine the lambs’ preferred pronoun(s).
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Mission Accomplished. Hornets Nest successfully whacked.
An admission rarely stated: A troll acknowledging they’re a troll.
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Now the troll has changed his name.
@Cosmiccowman is now @Vineman.
Sad when you can’t even stand by your own words

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Did anyone report this to the mods yet?
Not that I’m aware of.
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