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Sewing cloth diapers.

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I have been using cloth diapers for a while now and just started sewing my own for my son. I did not want to spend anymore money on new ones and decided to use flannel and old t-shirts to make some for him. I got the pattern for free online and most of the fabric is stuff that I already have here at home, I just had to buy elastic, velcro, and thread. I am just making him fitted ones right now.

Does anyone else on here use or sew cloth diapers?? Any tips on sewing them??
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I made quite a few when I had little ones in careful it can be addicting! I really liked having separate liners that went in the diapers especially at night. I had one dd that could soak thru any disposable and quite a few cloth diapers till I made some thick liners for her.
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