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Septic issues on T-day of course.....

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Good evening,

I need some help with a Septic problem. As you know the solid tank flows into the liquid tank. In our liquid tank, there is a sump pump that pushes the liquids strait up to just under the access lid , bends 90 degrees for 2 feet, and then bends 90 degrees back down. There is a 90 degree bend near the top of the liquid tank that heads off to the drain field.

Tonight our alarm went off. I pulled the lid and saw that the PVC pipe elbow that heads to the drain field is broken off.

I waited for the pump to start to run again and held the two broken parts together. The liquid would flow into the pipe for about one minute until the backpressure forced the liquid back into the tank.

The pipe going to the drain field is either plugged or frozen. I am 1 hr direct east of the twin cities, so the low temps have not that been that low for me to believe that it is frozen.

Is is safe for me to rent a long gas powered snake, put a ladder down into the tank, and climb down and try to auger the pipe out?

If this is not safe, am I looking at a $200 or $20,000 repair?

I am grateful for your help.

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i would think that is condsidered a confined space and it may be dangerous to work in there. not only could you run out of fresh air in an empty tank, but you probably have lots of nasty gas from the sewage in that space. if i were to do it on my own, i would be sure i had proper ventilation...and a buddy or two...and a line attached so i could be pulled out without anyone needing to enter.
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