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I have farm insurance. I sell meat and poultry. I only sell stuff that is processed in a USDA facility. I have a meat broker's license and everything is legal.

I do not and cannot get product liability insurance through my farm insurance.

I have regular liability which would cover any accidents which might occur in the process of doing business. I have no idea what accident might occur....I crash my truck with a load of product and someone is decapitated by a frozen chicken? I don't know.

My insurance knows what I do. If I were to decide to do my own processing....I would be cancelled. The only reason I'm not getting cancelled is because I use USDA facilities. If I were to ask if I could sell raw milk (I have no idea if it's legal here in Illinois), I would be dumped immediately.

I cannot imagine there is any insurance company in the entire country that would insure one for selling raw milk. Way too big a risk. I personally know of folks who sold home processed chickens (legally), but were summarily dumped by their insurance carriers. There is no company that will insure them. Zero. Zilch. Just doesn't exist.

Most of the people I know who have been cancelled continue to do what they do....with no insurance at all. It's not a matter of their chickens not being covered...THEY are not covered...not their farm, their machinery, or anything else. I, personally, would come up with a different business that is insurable, but that's just me.

Some try to set up a LLC to cover their butts, but that is not as easy as it sounds. An LLC must be maintained and there things like you cannot co-mingle funds with the LLC that would make it near impossible for me to do.

I don't really worry about the product liability. If someone were to sue...I have enough debt to make their lawyers look a little further for the one with deep pockets. It's certainly not me.

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