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All of those trees might make one load on a logging truck. So finding a logger with large equipment to come out and cut your wood is probably unreasonable. Even a small logger would hesitate, unless he's hungry. We have one very small independent logger, and even he requires a certain amount of loads to make it worth moving his equipment out to the woods.

Gatewood (price of timber delivered to a buyer, either sawmill or timber broker) value on such a load of logs would be small. If a logger does cut it and hauls it, your looking at maybe 600 to 700$. Minus his costs. I had 90 acres thinned this spring, and I was getting around 300$/load. Some larger trees would have doubled that amount.

If you cut them, haul them to the mill yourself, you'll see all the profit. Remember you'll have a huge mess, no matter who cuts the wood...stumps, limbs, ruts. Whenever a tree dies on my place, I cut it, haul it to the bandsaw mill, and get lumber cut, either paying 20c/ft, or cut on halves.

good luck...
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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