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I have 3 acres of land and I am thinking of getting the timber cut also. But as everyone else mentions, loggers are there to look after themselves and forget the poor saps they just ripped off. Not only that, they leave the place in a terrible mess.

I got the Jan/Feb issue of Countryside and on page 42 you can pay for the plans to build your own homemade band sawmill. It says "$3 for 17 introductory pages on two mills and one video. " It sounds like it might eventually end up costing more than the $3 but I will buy it anyway.

I will use the timber I have in my own home.. I have quite a few long needle pines that are as you described. I am going out this weekend to get somewhat of a count on what I have.

If you are willing to put the time and effort into harvesting your own and using them yourself it will be well worth your effort. I have seen the messes that these timber companies leave and I don't appreciate it. It would cost more to fix what they messed up than what they will be willing to pay you in the first place. I don't cotton to the idea of someone ripping me off and messing up the place to boot. That is just my opinion.

I do have a slight advantage in the help of my father, he cut what is known as "pulp wood" with his dad from the time he was able to handle a saw on up until he was old enough to get a job driving a rig. I will have his expertise in the felling of the trees. ;)

I would listen to what other folks had to say about where to get help determining how much timber $ you have.

Hope I have not ruffled any feathers of loggers out there.

Good luck with whatever you decide!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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