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okay you got me Ruffled Feathers.....

There are many reputable loggers and yes there also happens to be many fly by nighters as my hubby calls them. The one point I would like to make is that many of the loggers can lose money on timber, not just the land owners. With the prices and the fact that you might think that the tree is good and straight and they gave you the best price they could give you and once they cut it they find out that it is hollow. It has happened..and happens quite often especially when the stump diameter is high. Ask the logger for references if they are reputable then they will give them to you. The problem with state forester's coming in and giving you a price is that they don't have to take the risk of losing money on the deal so what do they care if the tree is hollow..There are alot of factors that go into giving someone a price on timber. I also agree though about getting a contract and put in everything you want done including clean up, (tree tops, ruts, etc...)Another way you can do it is get a split on the value of the timber that way you know how much money they are getting and how much you are getting. They have to show you the paperwork from the sawmill or timber outfit that they sold it too.. It will show you footage, type of timber, and quality....
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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