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The facts of life on small logging jobs is this: Loggers figure it costs $200 each way to move a piece of doesn't matter if its their own truck/trailer or someone elses.
This money comes right off the top. Its figured in.

Your county or state forester will give you free advice on what you may expect to receive from a logger in regards to stumpage and approx how many 1000 board feet of timber you have.

Yes, it definitely is worthwhile for a logger to get 25 pine trees of the dimensions you described.
These may even be "log cabin logs", which command premium prices.

As others have pointed out, many loggers are notoriously unscrupulous. I have known loggers that indeed bragged about how badly they screwed landowners.

Do your homework. You'll only be able to sell these mature trees once in your lifetime. Don't be hasty and give the nod to the first smooth talking logger that tells you what you want to hear.

Check out full scribe log home builders in your area. They are ALWAYS looking for cabin logs. Tell them you have 25 trees and ask them to take a look and give you a price. Don't expect them to call them at 9:00 am and have them show up at 10:30 am. Call as many full log home builders in your area and get prices.
Keep in mind these things often take months.

If you can sell even 1/2 of the trees as cabin logs, you'll probably be money ahead to harvest them with this in mind. If you know someone with a big enough tractor/bulldozer, etc, fall the trees yourself and hire them to skid out the trees to one central location where a log truck can get them. Be certain there is more than ample room for a log truck to turn around.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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