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    Feb 27, 2005
    New Jersey
    So here is MY story. I breed nigerians, but i also have some mixed breeds on my farm that i can no longer afford to keep. One in particular is a nine month old alpine mix doeling. she must weigh about 75 lbs or so. This indian guy (who was very nice) wants to know how much i want for her. So i need to know how much to charge him by tommorrow when he comes to pick them up.....Please HELP! I have no idea what to charge. If it matters, I am in NJ just outside NYcity.
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    May 10, 2002
    Here is this weeks Market report from San Angelo Tx:
    San Angelo, Texas Tue Apr 05, 2005 USDA-TX Dept of Ag Market News

    Producers Livestock Auction, San Angelo, Texas:

    Sheep Auction:
    Close and Weekly:
    Estimated Receipts: 6200 Last Week: 4982 Last Year: 4500

    Compared to last week slaughter lambs steady. Slaughter ewes weak to
    3.00 lower. Feeder lambs steady. Nannies weak to 3.00 lower; kids firm
    to 4.00 higher. Trading fairly active, demand good. Quality full range
    from plain to attractive. Supply included 30 percent feeder lambs, 20
    percent slaughter ewes, 15 percent slaughter lambs, balance goats.

    Slaughter Lambs:
    Choice 2-3 shorn and wooled 90-120 lbs 93.00-106.00; 125-175 lbs
    Good and Choice 1-2 40-60 lbs 133.00-139.00; 60-70 lbs 125.00-
    137.00; 70-80 lbs 128.00-139.00; 80-90 lbs 125.00-130.00; 90-100
    lbs 120.00-125.00, old crop 108.00-114.00.

    Slaughter Ewes:
    Good and Choice 2-4 43.00-51.00; Good 2-3 53.00-61.00; Utility and
    Good 1-3 65.00-73.00; Utility 1-2 54.00-65.00; Cull and Utility 1-2

    Slaughter Bucks:

    Feeder Lambs:
    Medium and Large 1-2 new crop set 40 lbs 141.00; 60-70 lbs 135.00-
    140.50; 70-80 lbs 135.00-142.50; 80-90 lbs 134.00-140.00, set 143.50;
    90-110 lbs 120.50-129.00. Old crop 90-115 lbs 111.00-117.50.
    Medium and Large 2 40-60 lbs 135.00-140.00.

    Replacement Ewes:
    Medium and Large 1-2 Baby tooth to solid mouth 76.00-94.50 per head.

    Goats: Estimated 35 percent of total receipts.
    All sold per hundred weight (cwt) unless otherwise specified.

    Slaughter Classes:
    Kids: Selection 1 25-40 lbs 134.00-144.00; 40-60 lbs 140.00-151.00;
    60-80 lbs 136.00-150.00; 80-105 lbs 90.00-106.00, set 95 lbs 120.00.
    Selection 2 25-40 lbs 125.00-135.00; 40-80 lbs 125.00-140.00. Selection
    3 25-40 lbs 115.00-125.00; 40-80 lbs 115.00-125.00.
    Does/Nannies: 80-125 lbs 63.00-75.00; thin 70-115 lbs 50.00-65.00.
    Bx/Billies: 100-150 lbs 71.00-90.00, few 104.00-110.00; 150-250 lbs

    Replacement Classes:
    Selection 1: 70-100 lbs 100.00-118.00.
    Selection 2: 70-100 lbs 75.00-100.00.

    Source: USDA-TEXAS Dept of Ag Market News, San Angelo, Texas
    Rebecca Sauder, market reporter, 325-653-1778
    24 hour price information 325-655-2358

    0500c rs bb

    Here are links to weekly reports

    Hope this helps You.

    God Bless.

  3. goatgirl92

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    Apr 6, 2005
    So after reading this(if you dont get it) then you should sell it from 136.00-150.00. Sorry about the situation! Goatgirl
  4. chas

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    Dec 12, 2004
    western pa
    Here in western Pa. MEAT goats are much cheaper.
    80 cents a lb before Easter season seems to be the norm.
    But our billies are higher than Texas .My 145 lb. Lamancha brought me $170.
    They tell me billies are used to make peparoni ????
  5. AnnaS

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    Nov 29, 2003
    Verndale MN
    Here at the livestock auctions, dairy and grade breeds sell for $1/lb live weight-in your case, $75.

    Boers, which are most of the meat goats in Texas, do go higher. Kinda like the meat value of a Holstein steer vs. an Angus steer.

    I don't know if Chas' Lamacha will become pizza topping, but a mature, smelly buck brings good meat money too. Here, the Hmong want goat flavored goat meat and they will pay well for it.
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    Mar 31, 2005
    I'm in central PA and when we sell off the farm this is usually the prices:
    3-5 months- $75 for pet, 4-H, or to increase herd
    3-5 months- $60 for meat
    6 months and older depend on size. I would probably charge between $75-$100 for your goat. Decide on a price you want and go a little higher. Usually I have people try to get them for less.

    I do know that meat prices are definitely lower than for someone who wants to keep it around for a while.

    Last time I sold a meat goat it was about 4 months old. I told the man the $75 price because I instinctively knew he would haggle with me. He left with the goat for $60. He wanted meat.

    I got what I wanted, he got what he wanted and everybody was happy.
    (I have Boer and Boer crosses)

    I raise my goats for meat but am always sad when they leave here because it's just a doom feeling I get. In a couple days, life goes on...
  7. bethlaf

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    May 26, 2004
    goat girl , the prices are per cwt, or hundred weight, so , that meant at 100 lbs your goat would be worth that, but since its not 100 lbs its only worth , about 75.00 , which is the going rate pretty much everywhere for a 75 lb goat
  8. chma4

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    Feb 27, 2005
    New Jersey
    Well, he picked up a 3 year old wether (pretty old) who weighs at least 175 lbs for $70. I told him that the price of the 80 lb doe was $70 and firm. So we will see if he comes back for her. I think he will. Thanks for the advice!