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Seeking advice in dwelling issues

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I'm not sure really where to post this???
I use to have bookmarked sites that converted semi cargo/cold storage trailers (not real sure what to call them) into livable housing. When my pc crashed, I lost my bookmarks.

I'm throwing my soon to be dwelling issues out here.
This is what I have planned, and would sure appreciate any and all input, suggestions, or any kind of help, please! Please, give me the good the bad and the ugly too!
There is no way I can afford to buy one of those container units that I seen posted. I need to make use of what I do have on hand.

I do have (2) 18 wheel storage trailers....or what~ever they are called? One I store in, the other is almost empty.
How complicated would it be to convert the empty one into an efficiency type dwelling?
Should I take it off the axles? I do not plan on moving it from its location now or ever really. Could it be tied down while on its axles? I just don't see "me" being able to unaxle the trailer really! I have NO intentions to stay in it thru bad windy weather any ways. I am in a hurricane area, both trailers stayed fine thru the past few hurricanes here, neither tied down now.

I visualize only 2 rooms needing sectioned off, bathroom and a sleep area. Could even give up the sleeping area and use a sofa sleeper. Open living, kitchen area. Thinking of using camper size appliances, shower, and bathroom necessities. Hopefully buying used to cut costs there too.

Some of my questions rambling thru my mind are;
What/how to cut thru trailer walls to add a few small windows?
Suggestions on inexpensive insulation before paneling interior the walls. I have paneling on hand.
Would it be cheaper to frame walls and then add insulation or buy some type of foam board (glued up or ??) then panel over? I know cheaper isn't always better too~
Best way to heat???? Am drooling over those hot water on demand tanks.

I have on hand french doors, could they be framed up and installed where the 2 back doors on trailer are now? I would like to have this as my kitchen area. Also thinking/hoping the french doors would visually increase the size inside too. The single side door on trailer now, frame and install a reg sized front door? Is this possible???

I will be doing this myself, limited to minor experience, but its gott'a get done! I have been a go'fer and done repairs to mobile homes eons ago. I can dig lines, run pipes, swing a hammer, work a screw gun and run a tape, lol. Just zilch exp. at determining weigh load for roof when remodeling.
This is going to be my new home, leaving a really bad marriage, and permanently this time. Foolish me, tried again at it, same ol' stuff still after 25 yrs of it. Just refuse to live any longer with a pathological lying narcissistic! Not exaggerating there either~

So here I am job hunting, (its gonna be part time min. wages too) trying to determine how to move into and live in my storage trailer. Positively eager too!

Looking for forward to hearing ALL advice/suggestions!
Apologizes for being such long message here, ventings and rambling ons.

Thanks sooooo very much in advance:)
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You should PM MTWomanAR (sp?). She lives in a converted semi trailer and could probably share more ideas and experiences with you than anyone else.
Have you considered a post frame building? They're generally referred to as pole barns. For example, I had two built last year. Both are 36 x 60 x 10 high. Each was just 8500. Smaller buildings are cheaper. If I wanted to live in one of those. All I'd have to do is put in plumbing and electric, pour a concrete floor, insulate, partition walls, and drywall. Maybe cut out for a few windows. I'd install french doors at each end where the sliding barn doors are now. Voila, instant housing or at least habitable while you're finishing the inside. I don't know what kind of finances you're working with, but a secure roof over your head before winter seems like a good idea.

Oh, it took a day and a half for each barn. Three days total and I had the livestock under roof.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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