Seeds are in the ground!!!

Discussion in 'Gardening & Plant Propagation' started by bergere, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. bergere

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    May 11, 2002
    Now in Virginia
    Well, yesterday was just a beautiful day out, and on the cool side. The whole family went out to work in the Kitchen Garden.

    DH & DS worked on weeding, puting nice dark compost down on the garden beds, puting the trellis's up for the Pea bed. Then we planted, carrots, broccoli, spinach, peas and replanted the lettuce seeds. No more fried lettuce for us.. :eek: .
    Am starting some new Artichoke plants from seed, as the ones I had in the gound did not make it this winter.

    The end of next month is when we can start all the other Veggies we plan to grow this year.

    We are hoping for a good crop this year!! :worship:

    How is everyone else doing in their Garden? What are you going to grow this year?
  2. blhmabbott

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    Feb 4, 2003
    NW TN
    We've recently moved into a much larger house, but unfortunately, it does not come with a garden spot, per se. So I am going to have to convert to container style gardening this year for our fresh veggies through the summer, and will have to rely on the farmer's market for all my veggies for canning and freezing...hoping that won't be to expensive.

    Does anyone know if I can just use potting soil for the containers or would you recommend mixing it with something? The ground in the back yard (VERY small) is mostly rocky gravel from years ago, but grass has started to grow through it. It is to rocky to till though, so I'm thinking about building raised beds all around the privacy fence (3 sides of the back yard) and attaching trellises for the climbing things. Can I just use potting soil for the raised beds also ( I have a small compost pile I could mix in with it from my HUGE garden from last year). These are new challenges for me and not real sure how to proceed.

  3. diane

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    May 4, 2002
    South Central Michigan
    We have fresh snow today :waa:

    But......I do have some petunias in bloom under my lights :)
  4. southerngurl

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    May 11, 2003
    Been working my hind end off in the garden converting to raised beds. It's my own fault, I won't let anyone help. I never feel like anyone else will do it right, ya know?

    I have planted some spinach seeds (first time I have ever grown spinach), and I have some tomatoes planted inside. I ordered a bunch of seeds from and I can't wait, ordered some cool stuff. :cool:
  5. birdie_poo

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    May 10, 2002
    We got squash seeds in the ground a few weeks ago. Over the last week, they have started popping up out of the gournd...all but one row.

    I have to replace all the hoses, and I think I will install drip lines, this time. But,until I can get some time to do that, I will have to be happy with my volunteer Roma that is going into year two and still getting red toms off it, and a green chili that had been in the ground for a little longer than the Roma, but has a fruit on it, that looks like it's about 5" long. I also have asparagus, this is year 2 for it, so still nothing but ferns. My fruit trees seem to be coming along really well!
  6. kitty32_z8

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    Jun 17, 2003
    Ok bergere your going to come over and do mine now too, right :rolleyes: ?

    I had never notice you are right down the road from me. I am in Lakebay.
    I have lots of stuff under lights being harden off. I have to till my veggie garden yet, we are trading work for tiller use being our tiller died.
    I have my peas started in tires. I may add spinich or lettuce. I have tried lettuce for 3 years with no luck, maybe this year.
    I put in a new strawberry bed. I got a good deal of 50 plants for $10. I bought tri-star this year. I'll see if they are good as they say.
    My rhubarb si starting to grow. OH BOY :D
    My flower gardens are going well. Bleeding hearts are coming up so are my daylilies. Have allot of newbies going in this year, just have to convince myself it is save to put them I freshened the beds and trimmed some bushes.
    My hubby just wants to know where the next flower bed is going to show up...ROFL :eek: .

    I am not really looking forward to the forcasted rain, but then again being here the weatherman is only right 50% of the time, so I am holding out for sunshine.