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seed catalogs

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I've gotten a few toy catalogs (seed catalogs) in the mail. Anybody know what a Hybird seed is?? Aren't those the GMO things? I definately don't want those and will toss the catalogs if that's what's there.:cool: I'm looking for heirloom and organics.
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There is nothing wrong with hybrid just can't save the seed and expect to get the same plant next year. Many hybrids make is possible for people to grow things they otherwise wouldn't be able to grow d/t their climate/insect problems/persistent diseases. Although we save alot of seeds we still do grow some favorite hybrids that we know will perform well for us. Open pollinated seeds are available in many catalogs alongside hybrid seeds. Hope this helps. DEE

If you are really only interested in OP seeds you can buy from Baker or Many of the OP seeds there are availabe in other catalogs or even on store racks and you can buy them less expensively,too. I find Pine Tree Gardens at a good place to buy from and they clearly state which seeds are hybrid plus they sell in smaller size pkts. 'cause most people don't need 100 tomato seeds.
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