scotch highlands and fences

Discussion in 'Cattle' started by petefarms, May 27, 2006.

  1. petefarms

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    Oct 17, 2004
    new york
    for those of you who have the highlands, what type of fence do you use?
    Will 2 strands of smooth electric fence agway 110 fencer keep them in or will they just rub up against that type of fence and not feel a thing because of the hair. I have a chance to purchace a heifer and a cow calf, but living on a main road will I have to put up the high tensile fence? Thanks.
  2. phantompark

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    Sep 1, 2003
    Hi, we have 16 highlanders and use a 3 strand smooth wire fence around the perimeter. The charger is 110 v from TSC. I'll check for particulars in the morning. It really hurts to get zapped. I would recommend atleast a third lower strand to keep the new calves in. We added a third strand around the roadside this spring and it is grounded, the top 2 are hot. (before that it was just 2 strands) It keeps them in. We use 1 stand of poly twine to do rotational grazing within the property. The calves can go underneath it but never go far and can't get out of the paddock. We have a pretty calm herd here but now that I've said it they will probably prove me wrong!
    We've found that they do not take crowding in small paddocks. They definately require lots of personal space.
    To take care of the rubbing on things we built them scratchers. It is some sort of pole either in the ground or with a base. We then put a brush on it. The brush comes from my husband's work (Bobcat skidsteers) off of street sweepers attachments! They LOVE it.
    I hope you have success with them. They are beautiful and have great personalities.

  3. affenpinschermom

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    May 10, 2002
    Our property is very difficult to fence, long narrow hollows, steep ridges. We have one strand of electric wire around most, 2 strands in some areas, very little of it is hot and in one hollow there is no fence (don't tell the cattle, because they haven't figured it out yet). I find them very easy to keep contained. We've raised them for over 20 years and never had very sophisticated fencing.
  4. Horace Baker

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    Nov 22, 2004
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    We had Highlands for years and found them easy to keep in, even with an undercharged single wire. All breeds will have some "outlaws", you can keep them in your freezer, we've never had one get out of there. :)
  5. lilsassafrass

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    May 13, 2002
    Highlands are smart
    If they want to or need to go through a fence they will...

    i have had ones who either leap over single strand or flip it over their back .
    and i have had ones where I could lay a piece of poywire on teh ground ands they wouldnt cross it ..
    but after using every kind of fence imagginable we now have and are slowely replacing all of it with 6 strand high tensil bottom strand cold other five hot with a gallagar charger .. wouldnt give you beans for a charger from TSC I want one that will knock you on your butt if you touch it .. so I cna charge the gates when the bulls get to rowdy .. to remind them to stay off the gates
    I use polywire as temp dividers in teh meadows