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One of the area freecyclers had an "UNsale" yesterday. An UNsale is like a garage sale, but all they do is put out the goodies and people just come up and help themselves.

They gave away lots of nice things, but the best was a very nice 24x36 inch custom cage with water bottle, feeder, and pan. FOR FREE! (my favorite four letter "F" word!) Also picked up three really lovely wooden bushel baskets, which will come in mighty handy now that the tomatoes are starting to ripen. :)

I bleached and scrubbed the cage REALLY well, rinsed it thoroughly, and left it to dry in the HOT sun. Think that's enough?

I just love it when people share. And you know what? It's fun if I'm on the giving or receiving end! Yesterday, I got to be on the receiving end -- and I really do like the new cage. :dance:


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High Five!! Lucky you!!

Amazing G is the proud new bunny momma to "Blue," a young New Zealand buck. We had a late-evening/wee hours cage-building session here. I'm still sore from hammering staples a week ago!

A day or two in the sun should do it for your find. Useful free stuff is sooo awesome!
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