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MY first day, that is. :eek: Of Winter quarter. Tomorrow.

We had a very nice winter break, the kids and I. Tomorrow we jump straight into the fire! DD has to cheer at an away bball game. She's not happy about that. She likes cheer, but doesn't like all the pageantry that goes with it -- having to dress in her cheer warmups and bow for school. She also hates the glitter makeup for her all star squad, and I don't blame her there, yuck! For that, we have a competition this weekend, but fortunately, it's here in town, not one of the meets we have to travel for. Thank goodness.

I don't know why I'm dreading this quarter so much. Last quarter was so hard for me! Physically at least this one should be easier, since all my classes are in just two buildings, one right next to where the shuttle bus drops me off (I park in a remote lot and ride over) and the other is accessible via a tunnel. Books don't weigh as much as last quarter either. :D I'm taking two literature classes, one of which I know requires at least two in-depth research papers, a philosophy class called "inductive logic" and astronomy! The astronomy class interests me but scares me the most.

Here's a weird thing. I was just looking online to see if any of the teachers had put up syllabi yet. The astronomy teacher did. He has this thing called "clickers" -- remote devices you pick up when you come in, and drop off in a bin on your way out -- they record your answer during lectures to questions the teachers asks! Kind of like the audience voting devices on game shows I guess? Isn't that wild?

:::sigh::: I guess I should go try to sleep now. :eek:
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