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My husband and I are currently renting an apartment from my parents here in Idaho. We are only paying $500 in rent- so we are using this opportunity to save money, pay off debt, and get things we need. My parents have 1 acre, and a chicken coop. We brought our chickens, goats and dogs over from our old home and have been working on fixing up their property- cleaning up old brush, landscaping, and fixing fences. It's really nice, we can satisfy our "homesteading" wants for now, but we want to buy a property and home of our own.

The housing market in Idaho has gone out of control. Anything decent with land is easily $300k+ , not to mention subdivisions are going up everywhere- we can't help but think even if we ever did buy a little piece of land would it eventually become obstructed by a ton of housings being thrown up next to it within a few years. Nothing around here sounds appealing. Neither my husband and I want to settle for a overpriced subdivision home as we would hate to be so close to others and we would be giving up so much.

Anyone else holding out for a while to see what the market is going to do, or is it best to find a home now? We have always loved Oregon, and I feel like their are more affordable rural options. But honestly it kind of feels like throwing a dart at a map. Everything feels pretty impossible right now. What would you do?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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