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Sausage Recipe

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Does anyone have a good sausage recipe? We have no idea what spices to use for sausage when we butcher the hog. Nothing too spicy.
Thanks a bunch
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Those are some good links Oregonsparkie
You are probably looking for a breakfast sausage?
Something in pattie form, not stuffed into casings?

Another thing you might want to do when you butcher is to make it all into ground pork. You won't have all one kind of sausage and you can use the ground pork to experiment with different sausage recipes.
We love to make different kinds of sausage. We'll take and divide our once ground sausage in 10 pound piles, put the frying pan on the stove and open up the spice cupboard!

It always turns into a family affair because we all seem to have our favorites. Good things to have on hand:

Hot pepper
Marjorum (gives that breakfast sausage taste everyone likes)

Those are the basics and you can go wild from there. Just start adding stuff to your meat piles, mix and throw a sample into the pan to fry up!
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I make sausage for a living one of the best selling is maple sauasge

5lbs of meat with fat
4 tablespoons maple syrup (a good one )
1 tablespoon of salt
1 tablespoon of pepper
1/2 tablespoon of sage
For my self I I like to add more syrup to mine.
My kids just love it. Its also good for turkey sausage to but use it all in 1/2 's
any questions
just let me know I like to help

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