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Sandhill Cranes Heading North.........

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Was working outside since the temp. was 65, light wind and NO rain. I'm thinking about what I'm doing and i start hearing these characteristic little squeels from 3,000 feet up. Sure enough , I finally locate the long , graceful "V" formation of a migrating flock of Sandhill Cranes. There is usually one "Speedy Gonzalez" out in front that everybody else is trying to catchup with. There must have been at least 200 or more in this group. They are so fluid and beautiful the way they weave in and out magically forming a new V . I would like to know how many miles they can cover in a full day with favorable winds. Makes you want to go buy an ultralite and just cruise along with them on their journey to Canada.........fordy... :)
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yeah, they're comin home!

That's what some guy does with a flock of Canadian Geese. He's got a website and I've seen him on t.v.
They are all over the place here in W. Texas. I here and see them outside at my farm all the time. When I first here them in the Fall, I know that Winter is on the way. They like to roost or rest out here in the cotton fields. One Sunday I walked outside, and saw wave after wave of hundreds of Sandhill cranes flying low directly over the house. They had just taken off from one of my pastures. It was an amazing site.
We've had a nice streak of warm weather here but no signs of the Canadian geese heading back north. They over-winter here in NE Colorado -- so fun to watch. Farmers are starting to ready their fields for corn planting. Spring isn't hopefully too far away!
We were surprised to learn of a festival for the cranes who overwinter here. We moved to Willcox, AZ almost 2 years ago and love to see them overhead going south and north at various times of the year. Wings over Willcox is the festival name and there is also a website. My neighbor was the chairwoman for the festival one year. Even our cat took notice of the cranes call the other day.
Hey we saw some yesterday too!
It sure is a nice site, makes me think spring is almost here! :D
I've had some cranes nesting in the sedge marsh on my land for the last few years. There is something strange and primitive and wonderful about their call...I can't wait to hear it in about a month!

It seems there are a lot more cranes around here than there used to be. I never even saw one until about ten years ago, now you see a small flock in every field in the spring and fall.
Here in Waushara County, we start listening for them about March 10th. Their call sounds so wonderfully primitive echoing against the hills. It tells me that sping is, indeed, coming at last! :dance:
:) We have a pair that nest in the back of our place. I just love it when I hear them again. We did here some Great Blue Herons calling way up in the sky yesterday so our friends are returning!!!!

Last fall I almost wept when they started leaving. There was one day when flock after flock went over. The sky was full of them. When I was a youngster they were considered endangered so it is so wonderful to see the great flocks now. I remember seeing one nesting pair at a bird sancturary when I was in elementary school and I never saw any again until I was married and had children when we had a nesting pair on our place about 25 miles from the refuge.
We have some year round here. Also, My dd elementary school is Sandhill (built on a sand hill of course) and the symbol for the school is the Sandhill Crane. :)
You guys are giving me cabin fever!! ;) I live close to Green Bay( yup I'm a cheese head) and the geese Sand Hill Cranes and the beautiful Trumpet Swans all hang around her for a couple of months before they move on. When I here that first flock of geese coming I run out of the house. It's so exciting.When they move on they go without you even noticing until one day you say "oh their gone" Then your heart almost falls when you hear them again in the Fall. Soon they will be here but for now I will just keep watching the snow come down :rolleyes:
Wendy D
They nest here on the prairie as well. Last year we had a pair raise a chick in just the pasture over from us :) I think they started with two, but the foxes are hungry.

We still are buried under snow, but I'll start keeping a look out! I actually saw a patch of bare ground by the house yesterday!

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