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"The other local feed store did not want to go through the hassels so if I buy from them I will have to pay sales tax"

Being a former business owner I wouldn't want the other feed store to go through the hassel of having me for a customer if that is their attitude. Customer service is still fashionable where I spend MY money, or else I don't spend it. :no:

On a lighter note, I just checked my feed receipts and I am :( paying a sale tax on my Rabbit Feed so tomorrow I will be at the feed store to find out what I need to do to change that cause the Rabbits are for eating, not pets. I also noted I pay tax on (a) chops (b)chick starter. :(

Whole corn and hog grower is non taxed . ;)

Thank you for the question as you might have helped me to save money. :)
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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