Sales tax on rabbit feed in Missouri

Discussion in 'Rabbits' started by gefozarks, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. gefozarks

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    May 28, 2002
    It may not be much but as I go through close to 20 lbs a day and will soon be needing 50 lbs a day the sales tax would really add up. The feed store I use was recently audited by the state revenue department and was hit because they had been selling rabbit pellets without sales tax just like other livestock feeds. I guess that Missouri has put rabbits in the pet class so that they can get the sales tax money. However since I am a resgistered grower for Pel Freeze I took my letter in and the feed store copied it for thier records and I also have to sign on the sales ticket that I am using the feed for a livestock growing operation but by doing this I no longer have to pay sales tax on my feed. The other local feed store did not want to go through the hassels so if I buy from them I will have to pay sales tax. I am uncertain of the exact tax rate but it is between 6-7 % so at least for me I am talking real money here. If you are raising rabbits as livestock in missouri you may want to talk to your feed store so you won't have to pay sales tax either. I don't know about other states but I do know many of you live in missouri.
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    May 10, 2002
    They do that in California, too, but there is a way to get around that. We have to sign for our feed when we buy it, requesting sale tax exemption because our rabbits are for human consumption. They can't tax you for it then. You amy want to check with the extention office to see if it's possible for you to do that, too.

    Our feed stores here usually know who eats and who pets and will have a (NT) next to us in the computer.

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    "The other local feed store did not want to go through the hassels so if I buy from them I will have to pay sales tax"

    Being a former business owner I wouldn't want the other feed store to go through the hassel of having me for a customer if that is their attitude. Customer service is still fashionable where I spend MY money, or else I don't spend it. :no:

    On a lighter note, I just checked my feed receipts and I am :( paying a sale tax on my Rabbit Feed so tomorrow I will be at the feed store to find out what I need to do to change that cause the Rabbits are for eating, not pets. I also noted I pay tax on (a) chops (b)chick starter. :(

    Whole corn and hog grower is non taxed . ;)

    Thank you for the question as you might have helped me to save money. :)
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    May 2, 2002
    In PA rabbit pellets that areb 16% protein or lower is taxable, 18 % is not. I guess they figure the 18% is for commercial growers :rolleyes:

    Any way you can apply for a tax exempt status for any of your livestock feed. Also in PA if you buy horse grain and tell them it is for Draft Horses it is not taxable as they are considered a work horse if not your horse feed is taxable because it is a pleasure horse :rolleyes: