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    Dec 28, 2002
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    I just wanted to share some safety ideas that have helped me keep both my eyes and all of my fingers and toes thru decades of manual labor mostly on automobiles.
    Never go underneath a vehicle unless it has good safety stands or something very substantial for a safety. Never go under with just a jack alone. I don't trust store bought stamped steel ramps either. I have seen the ramps tip sideways when someone was working underneath.
    Never stand in front of or behind a vehicle with someone in it especially if it's running. I have had friends get pinned to a garage wall.
    Never put your hands in an engine compartment if someone is sitting in the vehicle. I had a boss lose a finger when the cutomer started the car while he was checking the belt tension.
    Never stand in line with the engine fan while the engine is running especially if revving the engine, fan blades can fly off and if anything fall into the fan it's coming out of there in a hurry even if it's coolant from a leak.
    When removing a wheel and tire always grab it by the sides and not top to bottom. If something happens you will not have your hand pinned to the ground or caught in the fenderwell.
    Never spin wheel bearings with compressed air, the race will let go and the rollers will be like bullets.
    Always wear safety glasses, I know they're hot, look stupid and always dirty when you need them but your eyes are worth it.

    These are just a few and I'm sure others can add to this. I am always glad to try and give advice or help someone on a forum but I have no idea of their skills or equipment. I always worry about someone doing something unsafe and getting hurt for life trying to save a buck.
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    May 9, 2002
    Great post Beeman!! I'll add a few tractors safety points. When driving a non-power steering tractor keep your thumb and fingers out of the spokes, and just grip the sides. If it catches a rock the wheel could spin and break your finger. Shut off the tractor if you have to adjust the PTO or work on the powered machine. Roll bars do help if the tractor rolls but only if you wear a seatbelt (but do check the owners manual there could be exceptions) Loader tractors should be parked with the loader down, all tractors should have the brake on or wheels blocked. In gear is not good enough unless it is a hydro with a "Park" position. Hydraulic oil leaks under presure can cut like a knife. I'll add some mroe later but it would be great to read tips from some others too!

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    Aug 13, 2003
    Never walk under anything hydraulic that is raised. Never work on an implement with someone else in the cab, unless you trust them with your life. Go slow, pull low. Don't walk under a load. Secure your loads. Think before you unsecure your loads!

    Look UP and watch for power lines.

    Turn stuff off before messing with it.

    Don't try to get a pulley to turn by pulling on the belt!

    Teach your kids some common sense stuff, like don't come running up to a tractor to get your attention.

    No riders.

    That's all I can think of at the moment.