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Someone who was from up North, I think Vermont or something, posted here awhile ago about their buck going into rut, and I was saying it matters how close to the equator the goat is.

My buck started in rutting behavior yesterday, here in the near-Deep South. I'm going to try to find that thread, to see how many days' difference there was from North to South, if I have the time later today.

I had to reinforce with panels the barnyard fence that is common with the pasture, he was ramming it so hard to get to the gals. NO SIR! I don't want any December-February kids, and the younger goats are too young to be bred yet.
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LOL Jim, I'm not sure how 'sure' that SURE sign is. If it's what I think you are talking about, my buck has been humpin air all summer when he feels the love juices goin. LOL Now it's obvious with his discoloration of coat, and um... stink factor, that the real season approacheth.heehee
Yep. My alpine buck is in rut too and I am alone here to care for all the critters till hubby gets back next weekend.
This buck is way taller than I am when he rears up. It's scary.

I have that buck house attached to the barn and I have a dutch door into there.

I open the top to see if they are in there and if not I sneak in and fill their feeders real quick and scamper back out. They have come rushing through the door by then because they can hear the first pellet hit the feeder from a mile away.

I am only feeding alfalfa right now. I will be starting total goat feed probably in September to be sure he does not loose too much weight durring the winter.

I can reach the hay feeder and the water bucket from over the bottom door. I do that while they are busy eating alfalfa.

He is normally a gentle buck and DH thinks he is a baby yet. He is just a yearling but a very BIG yearling!

He thought that about the other one we had and he was a sweetheart for a couple of years then he started chalenging me whenever I came near. Never DH though so he would not believe me.

He let him out to graze in the lower yard I happened to be in and the buck came barreling at me as soon as he saw me.
I grabbed a stick and yelled at DH. He says "heck, he is just playing."
I informed him that hair standing up all over his back is not playing!
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In my 6/7 years of goatkeeping never saw rut happen so early as this year in NYS. And strong too, that I actually had to separate the sparring pair for a bit. One was pretty raw and bloody on his head. Let the games begin!
ChickenMom said:
Better give him a bath and BBQ him now mamajohnson, mine usually stink until February!
:help: how do you bathe a wether???? maybe I should just take him to the creek and throw him in! lol!
Well, guess I will give him a spit shine and put him with the girls until DH has time to help me dress him out.
Sure do hate it when the wind blows in from the pen towards the house... peee-uuuuu !!!!
A good spray of febreeze can really cut that smell down!
I breed for fall kids with my full blood Boers. I turned the buck-- from Kentucky- in June 1 he bred all 17 does, he came into rut during the breeding season.
I purchased a 7 month old buck from Texas. He arrived in rut. He didn't get any does this breeding, but his smell helped the does come into heat and got the other buck into rut.
Both have stained legs and odor.

Kentucky buck arrived in January and bred 3 yearlings that first week.

I guess my herd in not a good test as my bucks are new arrivals to our climate.

Boers should breed year around in Minnesota We have had kids--Spring, Summer fall early winter.

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My 6 year old nigerian buck breeds practically year round. I have also had a friends buck over for about 2 months and he has been in full rut the whole time I have had him. He has been going CRAZY trying to get to the girls and the whole front half of his body is cheeto Now my yearling nigerian buck has just started the last couple of weeks. My nubian buck has just started this week but he is young still...8 months.
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